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Buy Cichlid Fish

Updated on September 20, 2010

Buy Cichlid Fish

A lot of people that like cichlid fish and want to start raising them are currently wondering whether or not it is safe to buy cichlid fish online. The normal way to do this is to purchase from a local store but at times there are no cichlids in stock. Many cons and pros can be said whenever thinking about local stores and online shops. Let us analyze online cichlid fish purchases so you know what to expect.

Different advantages of buying cichlid fish online can be mentioned. The one that is the most important is the availability, which is huge. Basically you can find any fish species that you are looking for. Also, in most cases you will also be faced with prices that are lower than in local stores. The one aspect that many forget is that there is one associated fee for shipment and handlinf. Delivery impact can be minimized if you want to purchase more than just 1 cichlid fish. Problems that are linked with online purchases are a lot fewer than you might have believed in the past. One really important fact is that you have no way to check the fish so that you can make sure the health is optimal. Also, different species find shipment to be a lot of stress.

The only alternative to buying online is going to local fish stores. The one advantage that is really important is the fact that anyone can look at a fish and see the exact health condition before purchasing. There is no shipping tax but on the whole everything might be more expensive. Also, most local fish stores will not have cichlid fish for sale.

You do have to buy only form people and stores that have a proven track record of properly taking care of fish. This will quickly rule out major chain stores. You can have a fish that is contaminated and/or infected and can lead the diseas to other fish in your home so do not buy from stores that are large as they do not care about fish health. The bottom line is that you need a good research but buying cichlid fish online does stand out as the best possibility.


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