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Buy a Dog Toy Box Online

Updated on September 27, 2013

If your house is like mine, there are toys all over the place at any given time.

Squeaky toys, balls, and even dead toys that no longer squeak but are still fun to play with.

There is a simple answer to this... Buy a toy box... There are tons to choose locally, but you'll find that there are more dog toy box options to choose from when shopping online.

Looking at what offers, you'll find wood storage box, toy boxes shaped like bones, collapsible toy boxes, and more. Below, I've listed just a few. But, if you're looking for something a little different, offers even more to choose from, of which you can also veiw s small selection below.

When choosing a dog toy box, you'll want to consider a few things.

  • Size - how many toys do you need to store
  • Material - do you want a plastic toy box, wooden, etc
  • Color - do you want to match your dog's toy box with your home decor?
  • Lid - some toy boxes have lids, do you want a lid?

Train Your Dog to Put Toys Up

This is a fun trick that you can train your dog to put his toys away, whether you're wanting your dog to impress your guests or if you want to him to clean up, this is a simple trick to train. (The directions are when using a clicker.)

  • Hand you dog a toy and tell him to "take it;" when he has the toy in his mouth, click and treat him for holding it.
  • Put the toy box between your feet and encourage the dog to come to you; click and treat him for holding the toy over the toy box.
  • Repeat the previous step, but ask the dog to "drop it" as he hold the toy over the box.
  • Put the toy on the floor and tell him to "take it;" click and treat him for picking up the toy.
  • Repeat the previous step with more than one toy on the floor at a time.
  • Replace the ‘take it' and ‘drop it' cues with the new cue ‘toys away' by saying the new cue right before the old cue. Gradually fade out the old cue.


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