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Buying Bulk Dog Treats: A Comparison

Updated on August 22, 2009

Are there advantages to buying dog treats in bulk? Well there are many things to consider. Many of us think of our dogs as our children. For us we want to see that our beloved friends receive the best nutrition and best quality treats on the market. You see most treats, much like our snacks, have a shelf life. This means that quantity is not always the best answer.

Some things that you might consider when determining how much to buy are:

1)      The size and weight of your dog.

a)      If you have a small dog, like a toy poodle or Chihuahua, then large bones in a large quantity are probably not the route to go. Of course buying in bulk for a small dog is probably not the best solution either.

b)      If you have a medium sized dog, like a Chow-Chow or a Springer Spaniel, then buying smaller treats in bulk might be feasible if the dog can consume a larger quantity of treats.

c)       If you have a large dog, like a Great Dane or even German Sheppard, then buying in bulk would probably be an ok way to go.

2)      The amount of dogs that you have:

a)      A solitary dog can determine whether or not you should buy bulk based on size.

b)      For the best results with bulk dog treats, you should probably use this option when you have a group of dogs.

Comparing Prices

Another important thing to remember is that there are wholesale stores that sell in bulk. If you are looking for something cost effective this is not always the best way to go. The gimmick here is quantity buying, and not cost reduction. It seems that we get a better deal because of the quantity available for us to purchase. To be cost effective on bulk dog treats we should do price comparisons. Usually determining the cost per ounce is the best way to do this. When comparing, take a small calculator and a note pad. For example, at a wholesale store you find your dog’s favorite treat for $22.99 for 128 ounces. That would be 18 cents per ounce. At the local department store you find 64 ounces of your dog’s favorite treat for $9.29. That would be 14 cents per ounce. The kicker, however, lies in this; you can buy two of your department store treats to total the 128 ounces at a wholesale bulk store for only $18.58. This saves you a total of $4.41 on your total purchase. It also gives you the option to buy less.

Making Planned Purchases

Sometimes storage can be an issue and buying bulk is not feasible. Of course there are many options available to optimize storage space. Most often dog treats are just that, treats. So the amount of space that they occupy can be minimized. It is not always necessary to buy bulk dog treats. If you desire to buy bulk dog treats, there are many online retailers that can help you accomplish this. There are also club stores that offer wholesale items at a fairly low cost to you. I recommend planning before making purchases of any kind. Try to plan for things like available budget, space, need, and your usage.  This doesn’t mean not to buy in bulk, however, make sure that you meet your needs effectively


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