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Buying a Heated Cat Bed

Updated on June 13, 2013

When it comes to our cats, nothing is too good for them. Isn’t this true? They are a part of our families, a major part of our lives. Our cats keep us company and they make us happy. For this reason, we want them to be happy too. We want them to be healthy and comfortable. We want to give them nutritious food to eat and fresh water to drink. And we want to make sure they keep warm and safe. There really is nothing our cats enjoy more than staying warm and cozy.

Given how much we love our cats, and given how much cats love to be warm and love to be comfortable, it is only natural we would want to give them a great place to sleep, to while away the hours. And what could be better for our cats’ comfort than a heated cat bed? A heated cat bed will be something your cat will absolutely adore and adore you for getting it for him or her. Give your cat a heated cat bed and give him or her a taste of the high life.

Purchasing a Heated Cat Bed

As you begin to shop for a heated cat bed you will discover just how many types of this pet accessory exist in the world. There are many kinds and styles of heated cat bed, enough to keep even the most particular cat warm and cozy and happy. This is true whether you cat is old or young, big or small.

To check out a really comprehensive line of heated cat beds, you can’t do much better than go to the website for Petco. Of course, many towns and cities feature a Petco store as well, so you could do your shopping in person if that suits you more. Either way, Petco offers a whole range of pet beds, including heated cat beds. Does your cat like to lie on the kitchen mat or the mat by your front door? Or maybe your cat enjoys sleeping on a folded up blanket on your bed? If this sounds like your cat, he or she would probably love one of the K&H Thermo Kitty Mats that can be found at Petco. These comfy cat mats provide your cat with a place to stretch out or curl up that feature a heated surface to keep your cat extra warm. This heated cat bed has a plush foam underlay to make it a luxuriant spot for your cat to snooze.

Some cats, on the other hand, are nesters. That is, they like to have a pile of blankets or clothing around them, inside of which they can curl up and feel surrounded by comfort and warmth. For these cats, the K&H Thermo Kitty Beds will be ideal. The Kitty Beds have an extra soft plush base as well as sides, so that your cat can curl up inside. The base of this heated cat bed warms to a comfortable temperature that your cat will love, especially in the winter months. The four watt heater is safe and can be removed to clean the heated cat bed.

One last stop at Petco and their K&H line of heated cat beds really ought to be the Thermo Crinkle Sacks designed especially for your cat. With this heated cat bed, your cat can actually crawl inside, to be surround on all sides by warmth and comfort. As with the other K&H cat beds, the Crinkle Sack comes with a safe four watt heater that will keep your cat warm without using up a lot of electricity. The primary special feature of the Crinkle Sack, however, is the crinkly interior of the heated cat bed, a feature that many cats will really enjoy. They will love the sound of it as they step inside and lie down. This heated cat bed is a true feast for your kitty’s senses.

Other Places to Buy a Heated Cat Bed

There are a number of other good spots around the internet where you can go to buy your cat a heated cat bed. For example, you may want to stop by Drs. Foster and Smith, a retailer of pet supplies and accessories run by two veterinarians. Fosters and Smith carries a full line of cat beds and mats, including the Heated Cat Cup Bed, which will cradle your cat while keeping him or her warm. As another option, if you’d like to do some comparison shopping for a heated cat bed and find the best prices available, you might stop by the website and do a search for heated cat beds. Doing so will bring up any number of these cat accessories with prices listed for your convenience. Simple links will then take you to the retailers that have the most inexpensive heated cat bed for sale.

Once you  have a heated cat bed, you may want to find the perfect place to put it. After all, your cat may never leave the bed!  Once choice you can make is to buy a cat condo to place the cat bed in.  A cat condo is a nook with an opening just for your cat. As cats love encloed spaces, and nice, heated beds, your cat will be in ecstasy when you combine the two features.

So, as you can see, your choices when it comes to giving your cat a bit of opulence and comfort are wide open. Start your shopping for a heated cat bed today and see how much your cat will love you for it.


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      3 years ago

      By JacquelineSzalata November 23, 2012 - 8:20 amI think my cat must have seen this video all of a sudden she is triyng to play paddy cake with me and she is always the one to screw it up!!!!!


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