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Buying a Slow Loris Pet (is illegal)

Updated on December 14, 2011
By Silke Hahn at de.wikipedia (Own work (Original caption: “selbst fotografiert”)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Silke Hahn at de.wikipedia (Own work (Original caption: “selbst fotografiert”)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons | Source

What is a Slow Loris?

The Slow Loris is primate found in SouthEast Asia. While we may know where they exist, finding one can still be difficult. Thanks to the popularity of the slow loris as a pet, traders have reduced their numbers drastically. This has led to all species of Slow Lorises being considered "Vulnerable" and with one of those species being even labeled as "Endangered".

Having a slow loris pet encourages traders and the endangerment of these creatures.

The Slow Loris is sometimes considered a lemur and sometimes considered a relative to the lemur.

While I don't condone the purchase of a slow loris as a pet, their cuteness is undeniable.

Slow Loris With Umbrella

Where to Buy a Slow Loris

Slow lorises are preserved because of their status. Buying a slow loris is an illegal act. However, that hasn't stopped traders in southeast Asia from listing slow loris for sale. In Japan, they are quite popular and many videos and photos of slow loris pets can be found in Japanese social networks.

There are only two ways to purchase a slow loris legally. The first is to apply for a permit that is rarely approved among regular usage. The second is to purchase one from a country that does not follow the rules of Appendix I from CITES, and then move to that country as you cannot move a slow loris without a permit.

Slow Loris Tickle

Further Implications of Slow Loris Trade

Slow lorises are wild animals; they are not meant to be pets and have sharp teeth to prove it. This usually leads traders to remove their sharp teeth before selling them as pets and has dire consequences:

  • Many slow lorises will die from pain and infection from this operation
  • Slow lorises that are released into the wild (for whatever reason) are likely to die because they are now defenseless

The best thing to do

If you want a slow loris as a pet, the best thing to do is to not have one. If you must see them, go to youtube and watch other people's current slow loris pets but please do not further encourage traders by trying to get one of your own.

If nobody wants them, they can be saved, so let's not make them pets anymore.


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    • profile image

      shutupprogressiveradical 4 years ago

      Cats have sharp teeth.. Uh oh! That must mean cats are not meant to be domesticated.

    • profile image

      iwantloris 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Andrei 5 years ago

      Shut up,Meg!

    • profile image

      Iguanaman 5 years ago

      So sad they are so cute but I'm glad I looked into my info before I would get one. I'll let them just do their own thing in the wild.

    • profile image

      morgan ann 5 years ago

      Its because of the asian they eat everything!

    • profile image

      International Animal Rescue 5 years ago

      Please help us Save the Slow Loris:

    • profile image

      Idontgiveafuuuuck 5 years ago

      I don't give a shit whatchu say I'm getting one

    • Rising Caren profile image

      Rising Caren 6 years ago from New York

      Yes, their natural habitat is decreasing and it is sad. It's even in part the fault of the traders as they invade and destroy habitat to force them to move to a more central area.

    • Shaddie profile image

      Shaddie 6 years ago from Washington state

      It is unfortunate they cannot be kept as pets, as they are quite adorable. But I think what's more unfortunate is the steady decrease of their natural homeland...