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Cat Therapy

Updated on February 28, 2017

I've been going about my daily routine, and lately I've realized that I've become entirely wired in 'cat time' where I find myself mirroring the behavior of my black, medium-haired feline. When he starts yawning and curling down for a nap, I suddenly find myself becoming lethargic. If he begins crunching in his food bowl, I'll envision all of the local restaurants around me and start weighing the various flavors against one another. They say that domestic cats will often adjust their internal clocks to mirror those of their human care givers, but I've found the opposite to be true in my case.

I'm often envious of the care-free lifestyle that my cat enjoys each day. For him, there are no worries of bills, car accidents or where the next meal is coming from. I will sometimes ask him directly for advice on any given situation I may be facing, gaining the same calm & careless glance with the occasional licking of teeth. Coming home to the warm & soft coat of a living entity that isn't demanding me for one thing while criticizing me for another is a refreshing experience. The companionship of an animal is unlike that of any human. There's just something that an animal provides that a person simply cannot.

For individuals suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders, the company of a cat can often provide much welcomed relief. High blood pressure can be lowered, anxiety can be quelled & feelings of loneliness and isolation can be lifted. If there is anyone on the fence about cat adoption, the only answer is to move forward with it as soon as possible.


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