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Can dogs eat almonds?

Updated on March 11, 2012

While almonds are not on the Humane Society’s list of human foods that must not be given to dogs. They are nuts and nuts in general can be harmful to dogs. It is therefore a dog owner’s decision whether to give the pet almonds or not.

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Can dogs eat almonds?

Dogs practically eat anything. It is commonly believed that dogs are carnivorous but these animals are actually omnivorous. Generally, dogs are not hard to feed. This is one of the pro factors of choosing dogs for a pet. A dog is considered as a member of the family thus it would eat just about anything that the human family eats. Densely packed with nutrients, almonds have many benefits to humans. Roasted, honey glazed, salted… almonds are favorite snacks. A handful of raw almonds can be addicting. Because it has been the habit of pet owners to toss whatever they are eating to the dog, the dog can develop a taste for almonds too. Dogs eat tasteless inedible objects thus it would not be surprising if they would love the delicious taste of almonds too.

Should dog eat almonds?

Almonds are nuts. In general nuts are not good for dogs. Macadamia nuts are toxic for dogs. The meat of walnuts would not cause a problem if eaten but as dogs would not know how to shell walnuts; the shells are eaten as well. Walnut shells cannot be digested and the sharp edges can puncture the stomach or the intestines. Almonds are not as dangerous as macadamia nuts and walnuts. Bitter almonds contain cyanide and definitely must not be given to the dog. The toxicity of the other kinds of almonds was not fully established. Does this mean that it would be safe to give almonds to the dog? It would be a pet parent’s choice but to be on the safe side, almonds should be left out of the dog’s diet.

Why almonds are bad for dogs

All kinds of nuts are hard to digest. A dog owner can argue that the dog’s stomach is virtually made of steel. If dogs can eat stones, cloths, plastics and any other kinds of inedible objects, digesting almonds would be no problem to a dog at all. However, inability to digest ingested foods can result to stomach upset. Severe cases of gastrointestinal upset would have the dog vomiting. The dog can be debilitated by diarrhea as well. Almonds must not be given to dogs because of its high fat contents. Regular ingestion of food with high fat content can trigger the inflammation of the pancreas. Allowing the dog to ingest almonds regularly is just like feeding the dogs pork chops, bacon or any other fatty foods. Pancreatitis, a life threatening disease can develop if the dog is allowed to eat almonds regularly.


My dog likes almonds?


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    • jackinabox profile image

      jackinabox 6 years ago

      Thanks Marlo :) This has now been corrected.

    • MarloByDesign profile image

      MarloByDesign 6 years ago from United States

      I am confused because in the beginning of your Hub you said "the dog always gets a handful of the nuts too", then you proceeded to say how bad almonds are for dogs.

      Do you do give your dog almonds even though they are toxic? Please help me to understand and clarify. Thank you very much.