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Can dogs eat carrots?

Updated on March 10, 2012

Do I have a dog or a rabbit for a pet? The dog has filched a carrot from the sack, run to its crate and ate the vegetable with obvious pleasure. Carrots are sweet and crunchy but… a dog eating carrots? Not all dogs have developed a taste for fruits and vegetables. If your dog is like mine…filching carrots and other vegetables every chance it can have, then aren’t we the lucky ones?

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Vegetables in the dog’s diet

The same with humans, dogs too will get loads of benefits from eating vegetables. Although dogs are generally known as carnivorous, these animals have had vegetables and other plant matter in their diets. Dogs in the wild have taken to eating leaves if hunting is slow. Modern day dogs have developed a taste for vegetables because of the master’s habit of feeding table scraps to the pet. To ensure the health of the pet, pet parents nowadays have taken to giving the dog vegetables in their diets. Vegetables are proven to significantly reduce the risk of common canine diseases.

Carrots in the dog’s diet

Carrots are one of the veggies that can be included in the diet of your dog. Carrot is a power vegetable as aside from being the richest source of pro vitamin A carotenes; it is also a good source of antioxidant compounds. The beta carotene in carrots is an excellent antioxidant that provides protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Carrots as a healthy snack alternative

Dogs would eat just about anything. For vegetable non-eating dogs, owners can easily entice the pet to eat carrots. Dogs are not choosy eaters. Our four legged friends will surely love the crunch and sweetness of this vegetable. Carrots are low in calories and have low fat content as well. Dogs cannot digest carrots easily as these animals lack the digestive enzymes necessary to break down carrots. This vegetable makes a suitable snack for obese dogs not only for its low calorie content but because it will stay longer in the dog’s stomach thus preventing the dog to crave for food and helping the dog to get back in shape.

Carrots as coat color enhancer

Humans that eat a lot of carrots would get a red orange hue on the palm of the hands and on the skin. In dogs, regular ingestion of carrots will enhance the hue of orange-reddish fur.

Carrots and the dental health of the dog

Dog owners are aware of the pet’s propensity to chew. Teething puppies are excessive chewers. Why not give your pet a carrot to chew? Your carpet and furniture will be saved from distraction and tartar build up in your dog’s teeth will be prevented as well. Chewing frozen carrots will soothe the sore gums of teething puppies.

Raw or cooked, carrots make an excellent supplement to the dog’s diet. The dog can even have its fill of these vegetables as they are known to have no harmful effects on dogs. Don’t worry if the dog passes undigested chunks of carrots with its feces. As mentioned, dogs cannot digest carrots easily but rest assured nothing dangerous will happen to the dog.

Beagle Eating Carrots

dauchshund dog going crazy for carrots


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