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Can dogs eat cheese?

Updated on March 10, 2012

Cheddar, Parmesan, Mozzarella, hard cheese, soft cheese... a cheese lover would know about the different kinds of cheeses. If you are a cheese lover and you have a dog there is a good chance that your pet loves cheese too. This is due to the fact that dogs are considered as surrogate children. Thus the dog would have a bite of anything the master is eating. This habit of feeding the dog human foods can have dire consequences on the well being of the pet given that some human foods are poisonous to dogs. Fortunately, cheese is one of the human foods that can be eaten by dogs.

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For medicating the pet

Medicating the pet can be very frustrating. After all your efforts of getting the pill inside the mouth of the pet it will be spewed out when your back is turned. Cunning dog! You can use pill pockets if one is available or you can use your (and your dog’s) favorite cheese to mask the pill. See if the dog would not gobble the delicious treat and the pill at once.

As positive reinforcement in training the dog

Treats and praise are positive reinforcements that make training the dog easier. Dogs have the inherent desire to please the master. Man’s best friends are also food motivated. A dog that loves to eat cheese would do anything you want it to do if it knows that a reward will be received.

As treats

Dogs are like children. They love receiving rewards for good behaviors. Giving of treats strengthens the bond between the master and the dog. Dogs are intelligent animals. They will remember the treat they received after they have been on their best foot. Chunks of cheese make great treats for the dogs.

As Kong toy filler

Kong toys are heaven sent for owner that has to be gone all day. Bored dogs have the tendency to be destructive. A lot of dog owners have been using Kong toys stuffed with the dog’s favorite treats to keep the dog occupied and harmless. Fill a Kong toy with left over noodles and quick melt cheese. Pop in the microwave and presto! You have a toy that will be chewed by the dog instead of the legs of your antique furniture.

Should dogs eat cheese?

As mentioned cheese is perfectly safe for dogs but... all human foods must be given to the dog in moderation. Cheese is high in saturated fat meaning it can result to high cholesterol levels and to the obesity of the pet. Obese dogs are less energetic. The risk for kidney and liver diseases, autoimmune diseases and other canine disease is higher in obese dogs. Cheese is a dairy product. Lactose intolerance is common in dogs. Dogs with this condition must not be allowed to have milk, eat cheese and other dairy products as it can result to the inflammation of the colon. Cheese is great for the dog but as mentioned, it has to be given to the pet in moderation. Cheese can cause constipation and a bad case of gas. Surely you would not want to run out of the room every time the dog lets out the deadly smell.

Dog Hypnotized by Cheese

Funny talking dog wants cheese


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    • Paulart profile image

      Paulart 5 years ago from 2510 Warren Avenue Cheyenne,Wyoming 82001

      Very informative hub for all pet owners. Keep on sharing.

    • JayeWisdom profile image

      Jaye Denman 5 years ago from Deep South, USA

      Very good hub. You mentioned the two reasons I don't give cheese to my dog: (1) lactose intolerance, and (2) high fat content. Even on a low-fat diet, she's already had pancreatitis three times in seven years. (Miniature Schnauzers are prone to this condition.) I'm super-cautious these days to protect her from anything harmful.

      Thanks for sharing this information with dog owners.