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Can dogs eat eggs?

Updated on March 10, 2012

Can my dog eat fruits? Is it okay if I feed my doggie ham? Can I feed my dog eggs? These are the common questions not only of new dog owners but also of people that have had dogs for a pet. Dogs are omnivorous. These animals are not picky eaters so that what is left at the dining table often goes to the food dish of the pet. However, dog owners are now aware that some human foods are not fitted for canine consumption. Some human foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Others can even result to the death of the dogs. Who would ever think that the macadamia nuts you love to eat would poison the dog. The seemingly harmless grapes has toxic effects to the dog as well. We dog owners have the habit of sharing whatever we are eating with the pet. Is it safe to give eggs to the dog? An egg is affordable. Because of the rich nutrient content, an egg would make a suitable addition to the diet of the pet. An egg can be considered as three separate foods – the whole egg, the egg yolk and the egg whites all of which have their own nutritional values.

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The whole egg

An egg is a good source of high quality protein. This complete protein is responsible for repairing the dog’s tissues and for building muscles. An egg has high fat and high cholesterol content.

The egg white

The egg white is high in protein but low in fat and practically has no cholesterol. Owners of obese dogs can include egg whites in the diet without worrying that the pet would gain more weight. Egg whites have riboflavin, the vitamin that produces energy for the body as it converts food into glucose

The egg yolk

High in fat and high in cholesterol, the egg yolk is definitely a high protein food. Egg yolks are good sources of vitamin A, D and B.

Feeding considerations

As mentioned, eggs would make a great addition to the pet’s diet. Unlike other human foods, eggs can be easily digested by the dog. But as with any other people foods given to the pet, feeding must be done in moderation. The high cholesterol and high fat content of eggs would be harmful if consumed in large amounts especially by overweight dogs. There is also a growing concern with regards to feeding the dog raw eggs due to the possibility of poisoning that can be caused by E. coli and Salmonella bacteria. Raw egg whites contain avidin, an enzyme that decreases the body’s absorption of biotin resulting to hair loss and skin inflammation. Biotin deficiency can also result to stunted growth of puppies. Feeding the dog large amounts of raw eggs would disrupt the metabolism of fats and amino acid because of the avidin enzyme. Raw food diets for dogs are gaining acceptance among dog owners. Feeding the dog raw eggs does wonders to the fur because of the high protein content.

Dog Eating Eggs

My dog eating eggs


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