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Can dogs have bananas?

Updated on February 17, 2011

A dog owner would know about the pet’s huge appetite. Dogs are noted to be voracious and indiscriminate eaters. Even though well fed, these animals would never refuse to raid the trash cans. Dogs are believed to be carnivorous but these animals are actually omnivorous. Dogs eat anything. It would not be surprising if the dog would munch a bunch of grapes or devour apples that have fallen off the tree. Yes, dogs, similar humans love fruits. If the dog owner loves bananas, can the pooch have this fruit too? Certainly! Banana apart from being delicious is a fruit that is full of nutrients too.

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Is banana safe for the dog?

We know for a fact that some fruits can endanger the life of the pet. Grapes should never be given to a dog as the fruit contains an unknown toxin that was proven to damage the kidneys. Apples is safe for canines as long as the seeds are removed given that apple seed has a form of cyanide that can poison the dog when ingested in large quantities. Peeled banana is perfectly safe for the dog. The fruit must be washed and then peeled to prevent the dog from being poisoned by chemicals on the peel of the fruit.

Banana is a handy treat for Fido

This sweet and creamy fruit that comes in its own disposable packaging will make a handy treat for the dog. The fruit can be cooked or mixed with oatmeal and baked. The fruit can be used to stuff a Kong toy. Banana muffin or banana biscuits will surely make the dog respond well to obedience training. Because dogs love this fruit, it would not be surprising if the pet filch one from the table and eat not only the sweet and creamy fruit but the peel too.

Banana nutrients

Banana is a popular tropical fruit that is available the whole year round. Banana is a good source of fiber and vitamins. Humans obtain vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E, manganese and folate. It is believed that canines get the same nutrients from this fruit as well. This fruit is also a good source of potassium and contains fructo-oligosaccharide, a resistant starch that prevents constipation and aids in the maintenance of blood sugar level. This resistant starch acts as a prebiotic that helps the body in absorbing the nutrients from the food. Of course these nutrients can be obtained by the dog from premium quality foods. The inclusion of banana in the dog’s diet provides the dog a wide variety of healthful and nutritious foods. Moreover, the enzymes and the antioxidants content of the fruit promotes the good condition of the skin and prevents old-age related illnesses of the dog.

Downside of banana consumption

The vitamins, enzymes, fiber and antioxidants content of banana makes this fruit a valuable food of the dog. However, giving the dog bananas has downsides too. Bananas consumed in large quantities would cause stomach upset. A dog’s digestive system is different from humans so that ingestion of bananas can result to diarrhea. Although the fruit is mostly water, banana contains simple sugar. Giving large quantities of the fruit on a regular basis can result to an obese dog. 

Beta's Banana Belly Busters (dog treat recipe)

Banana Eating Dog?

Boy feeds Dog Banana


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    • denise mohan profile image

      denise mohan 

      8 years ago from California

      Our boxer puppy loves bananas & we were wondering if it was okay. My daughter gives her pup nothing but the best and was a little squirmish about bananas as a treat. Thnx for sharing


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