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Can dogs have ham?

Updated on June 24, 2012

Have you noticed how the line in a doctor’s clinic and in a vet’s facility gets longer after the holidays? Pet owners and pets commonly suffer from digestive upsets associated with the consumption of traditional holiday fare. The festive atmosphere, the merrymaking and the tables heaping with food would make a steadfast dieter indulge and to forget to eat greens and wheat bread for a while. Pet and pet owner would have an eating spree. What the master eats will be eaten by the pet as well. Ham is one of the holiday foods given to the dog. Ham though is on the list of human foods that should not be given to the pet.

Dogs and ham

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Why ham should not be given to a dog

Who would say no to a baked and glazed ham? Not the family members and certainly not the dog. Ham though is cured pork. It means that delicious holiday fare has loads of fat and has high sodium content. Dogs and humans may have similar genetic traits but a canine’s digestive system is different from humans. A dog’s shorter digestive tract makes digesting human food rather difficult. Humans are advised against the consumption of salty and fatty foods. The same thing is true with dogs. Ham bones that are commonly given to the dog would make the dog  with satisfaction. However, this dangerous practice must be avoided. Remember, bone splinters can get stuck on the mouth of the dog or worst, the bone splinter can be swallowed and puncture the stomach.

Ham and Fido’s digestive upset

Too much ham commonly results to digestive upset in dogs. This is an uncomfortable situation both for the pet and the pet owner. The dog would vomit, suffer from abdominal pain and have diarrhea. The owner would be faced with the task of cleaning the mess made by the pet. Additionally, the owner would worry about the condition of the pet. Holiday or not, no owner would want to have a sick pet in his/her hands.

Medical conditions that can arise from Fido’s ham eating spree

Hyperlipidemia is a condition that develops when the fat content in the bloodstream is high. Hyperlipidemia that can arise from regular consumption of fatty food such as ham is a factor that increases the risk of heart disease. Large and deep chested dogs that are habitually fed hams would have the tendency to drink more water because of the fat and the salt content of the meat. These large breeds would drink water very fast so that lots of air gets swallowed as well. This would result to bloat, a very serious condition that could lead to the death of the pet. The abnormal accumulation of air in the stomach would be very uncomfortable. It could also cause the stomach to twist trapping air and causing low blood pressure. If immediate treatment is not administered, the dog can die in a matter of minutes. Pancreatitis is another health concern that can arise if the dog is fed large quantities of ham. The fat ingested by the dog would cause the pancreas to swell and to leak digestive enzymes that can auto digest the pancreas and the surrounding organs. Extreme cases of pancreas inflammation can result to the death of the dog.

Dog versus Ham

Dog Goes Crazy for Fresh Ham Bone


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    • bodylevive profile image

      BODYLEVIVE 5 years ago from Alabama, USA

      Long years ago I made Thanksgiving dinner. Tera had never taken anything off the table before and the thought never crossed my mind that she would take food off the table. It was not fault of hers. I left my ham sitting on the table to cool and went to the store. Tera didn't always go to the store with me so I didn't think nothing of it. By the time I got back, she had pulled the ham off the table and was sitting on the floor eating it when I returned. Trainers say you're not suppose to hit but I spanked her hips good cause I caught her in the act so she knew what she was getting a spanking for. Guess what? I left stuff out purposely and she never got anything else off the table again. She had no problems occuring from eating the ham other than getting her hips spanked.