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Can dogs have honey?

Updated on June 28, 2010

Honey is commonly used as sweetener for baked goods and beverages. Raw or unprocessed honey has been used since the dawn of time not only as food or as an excellent sweetener but in a lot of many other capacities as well. Honey has been used as medicine to effectively cure colds, cough and sore throat. Honey was proven effective in alleviating toothache and effective in healing wounds. This energy booster has natural moisturizing properties that promote beautiful skin.  This amazing substance has many qualities that are not obtained from other food sources. Humans are not the only ones that get loads of benefits from honey. Honey may be the favorite food of Winnie the Pooh but bears are not the only animals that consume this insect made substance. Dogs can have honey too.

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Honey…a dog food?

Honey may not be a normal food for an animal that is considered to be carnivorous. However, it must be remembered that dogs are not choosy eaters. Anything that the dog can get its paws on (edible and non-edible) will be sniffed and gobbled. A dog may not have a sweet tooth but Fido will certainly not pass up the chance to greedily lick a honey jar. Honey is not just a simple sweetener as it is a good source of vitamins and minerals. It contains more calories as compared to sugar thus it is considered to be a better energy booster. Honey’s natural moisturizing properties promote good skin in humans. Since dogs are not so different from humans, dogs are believed to obtain the same benefits from honey too. Adding honey to the dog’s home cooked meals will ensure the good condition of the pet’s skin and fur.

Honey for the sick dog

Studies have shown that honey has antifungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Honey is used as a topical treatment for wound as its antibacterial property aids the autolytic debridement of wounds. Hydrogen peroxide that kills the bacteria is produced when honey comes in contact with the fluids produced by the wound. Honey prevents the wound from having a malodorous odor. A teaspoon of honey is given as first aid to a hypoglycemic dog to restore the normal blood sugar level. If the dog is unconscious, honey is rubbed to the gums and under the tongue where it can be easily absorbed in order to regulate the blood sugar level. The inclusion of a teaspoon of honey to the dog’s daily regimen is proven effective in alleviating pain associated with arthritis. The enzymes in raw honey aid in maintaining the dog’s stable digestive system. Constipated dogs are fasted for a day and only given honey and water to rest the digestive organ and to clear up the intestines.

Adverse effects of honey to canines

Unlike other human foods, honey can be easily digested by dogs. Dog are not inherently allergic to this insect-made substance. However, giving the pet this particular human food can also be hazardous to the health of the dog. Honey is loaded with sugar. Feeding the dog too much honey can result to diarrhea and obesity. It is important for dog owners to be aware of the fact that honey can contain the botulinum spores that cannot be handled by the immature digestive organ of puppies. 


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