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Can dogs see spirits?

Updated on February 18, 2012

Dogs have always been credited to have a peculiar ability to understand human emotions. Dogs would instinctively understand varied human personalities and moods. This is probably the reason why these animals are considered to be man’s best friends. It is generally believed that dogs have an amazing ability to perceive supernatural influence, to see ghost and spirits and to have the ability to foretell ominous events. 

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A dog’s psychic sensitivity

Dogs are well loved animals because of the steadfast loyalty and unwavering protectiveness it shows its people. However, a dog’s legendary 6th sense has saved countless people from dangerous situations. Dogs have this uncanny ability to predict the future. Although it was never scientifically proven, dogs are believed to possess a form of mental telepathy that enables them to receive psychic energies and to see paranormal entities not visible to the human eye. Due to its psychic sensitivity, a dog will be able to pick up paranormal information and signals so that it will be able to see ghosts, spirits and other beings unseen by human eyes.  A dog’s paranormal and psychic ability may defy scientific explanation but countless stories associated with a dog’s ESP give credence to the idea that dogs can see the paranormal.

The senses of a dog

Dogs are noted to have well developed senses. Domesticated dogs may no longer fully rely on their senses in order to survive but the ability to perceive and to interpret the energies around them remains. Dogs have the ability to sense energy patterns. These energies are not visible to human eyes. A dog’s sight, smell and hearing senses are ultra sensitive. Humans may not be able to see the slightest movement, the faintest odor and the lightest sound that signifies the presence of a spirit but a dog’s well developed senses would certainly sense these floating energies. Moreover, dogs do not have the “cluttered” minds of humans that try to give a logical explanation to the perceived energies. Dogs are very sensitive to the presence of these energies and when one is perceived, the dog would react accordingly.

The strange behavior of the dog

Unlike humans, dogs would not doubt what it has seen. Dogs would explicitly rely on their senses so that when a spirit or an unusual energy is perceived, the dog would demonstrate some pretty odd behavior. For one, the barking will be different as when the dog is alerting its people to the presence of intruders. A dog that has perceived a spirit would bark and focused its sight on a certain area. The dog would take on an offensive stance. The message conveyed by bared teeth and the raised hackles would be contradicted by the tail that hangs between the legs. The dog is aggressive but at the same time apprehensive of the unusual sight.

A scientific explanation

Skeptics would attribute the dog’s goose bump-raising behavior to its superior senses. We know that dogs have the ability to hear sounds at a great distance. Unlike humans, dogs can see better in the dark. Non-believers would say that the dog is not looking at spirits. The dog is simply alerting its people to the (as yet) unperceived presence of intruders.

Dog Sees Ghost

Ghost Caught by dog real must see



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