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Canine Club and Spa in Chanhassen MN

Updated on June 6, 2014

First Impression

When I walked in the door of The Canine Club and Spa I was very impressed at how clean and uncluttered the facilities were. While I waited for the front end staff to check in a guest I observed their interactions with the customer. They handled the check in with great professionalism. They have a web site, Blog page, and FaceBook. They are also members of the SouthWest Metro Chamber of Commerce, and Angie’s list. They also have an A rating with the BBB. They are also associated with six other dog organizations. They are very specific about what vaccinations that your pet has to have to be a guest there.

Services Offered

They offer overnight boarding and day care for both dogs and cats. They also have a wellness center right next door. They have a special for day care where you buy three day care credits at a time at a reduced price. They have separate facilities for large and small dogs which include both inside and outside play areas. All of their pet care facilities looked clean and safe for your pet.

Staff Members

They have 18 staff members who are all pet owners themselves and have a great love for their pets, as well as for yours. They enjoy playing with and taking care of your pets. They have a page for testimonials which is full of thank you letters from all of their happy customers and their owners.

My Feelings

All things considered I feel that The Canine Club and Spa is a great choice for pet owners in the Southwest metro area. The combination of safe, clean facilities and friendly, caring staff to take care of your pet make it a good choice for our local pet owners and their pets

Their Facilities

The Canine Club and Spa has two kinds of suites for your dog. The bigger one is 8' by 8' and has toddler size beds with blankets and television in the room. The smaller suite is 5' by 7' and has beds with blankets. The facility also has soft music and dimmed lighting at night. At dinner time each guest is feed with your brand of food that you provide and pre-measure.They also give your pet his or her medicine as long as you provided a report on what you pet's ailment is and the dosage needed.

Fun, Socialization, and Exercise at The Spa

Exercise, fun, and socialization are all important elements of your dogs life. If they do not have all of these needs met they can start having behavioral issues. The staff at the spa realize this and make sure that your pet gets the appropriate amount of exercise that they need. They separate dogs by size and have both outdoor and indoor play yards. They also have 3 pools, one indoor and two outdoor. The indoor play area for rainy days is always clean. They always have plenty of staff members on hand to play with your pet and make sure that they are safe.

Cozy Condos for Your Cat

The Canine Club and Spa also provides a kitty room which is separate from the dogs. They have two-level condos for your kitty. They let you cat have 3-5 hours a day in the play room with luxury climbing equipment. and windows and ledges to sit on. They also have a large, seven foot tall cat tree which your kitty can play in. As with our dog clients you need to provide your cats food in already measured containers.

Just Hanging Out

Just relaxing at Canine Club and Spa
Just relaxing at Canine Club and Spa

Even Jimmy Agrees

Playing, socializing then chilling at the Country Club & spa is the best.
Playing, socializing then chilling at the Country Club & spa is the best. | Source

Take Our Advice

Take our advice. Exercising, socializing and chilling out at the Canine Club & Spa is the best way to go. The place is clean, roomy and lots of fun for both Cats and Dogs. They even have dog suites with Television!

Web Site For Canine Club and Spa

Their web site has a lot of pictures and also gives you access to a web cam to view your pets at play or watching their favorite TV show. Please check out the blog posts and Face book page also.


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