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Care for a Needle Nose Gar

Updated on February 26, 2011
Needle Nose Gar
Needle Nose Gar

Care n' Stuff

Care: Needle Nose gar like to be with other of their own kind. They hunt in packs. They eat other fish that they can swallow, they can live with other peaceful fish that may be larger, like adult mollies. They are not very aggressive and will ignore bigger fish. They are skittish predators. They prefer Low, Dim light, and a temperature of 80 degrees fahrenheit. Some needle noses hit their beaks on the side of a tank, that is dangerous for them, because their beaks are fragile. Try to put plants on the side of the aquarium.  They dwell at the top of the aquarium.

Food: Needle nose gar swallow their food. They only eat live food. They enjoy feeder guppies, rosies, and feeder gohst shrimp. In the wild they eat mostly crustaceans.

Description: They are long fish, with a grayish-bown-green color. They have a beak with sharp little teeth. They grow to a maximum size of 12 inches.

History and where to buy

 The Needle nose gar comes from Asia. It is not tuly related to a gar, but they look like gars and people mostly calle them gars. Needle nose gars are not readily available at most pet stores, so a local private one is the best. Shipping also works too.


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