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Caring Tips for Turtles

Updated on January 7, 2011

Turtle tanks for sale are customized with all the basic needs however still turtle needs some extra care and they can live for decades as a faithful pet. Just keep some caring tips in mind to help your turtle live longer.

There are many turtle tanks for sale but always make sure that the one you are about to buy should have a large space so that your turtle can live in comfortably.

Usually tanks do not have many decorations since it also requires some space but you can add some decorations in the tank yourself. Before you add them just make sure you sterilize them so that no harmful bacteria is added in your turtle tank to harm your pet. Also never keep very small things decorations in the tank or your turtle may swallow it.

It has also been noticed that some people try and even some succeed in hibernating the turtle in keeping them in refrigerator. It is not recommended in any case to keep the turtle in refrigerator because your turtle may even die.

The turtles tanks for sale are the best place your turtles. And when you bring it home do not fill it with tap water as it could be dangerous for the turtle. Chlorine and fluoride are present in tap water which is not good for the ph level in the tank. Use de-chlorinated water for the swimming area and spring water for the drinking purposes of the turtle.

Turtle also eat water plants so if you are planning to keep some water plants in the tank, make sure that they are not poisonous. Every turtle has not the same feed, look for your kind of turtle and then give the feed prescribed.

Turtles also need 12 hours of sunlight so keep its lights and spotlights switched on as they love to sit under it to get the sunlight which is their requirement otherwise their shells gets affected by some fungus. Turtles need vitamin D which comes from sunlight to keep them healthy. Probably this is the reason that you would have seen turtles in the wild basking in the sun. So these are some caring tips you should remember before going for turtle tanks for sale.


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