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Caring for my Cat's teeth

Updated on January 27, 2015

Being a cat lover I want the best for my cat, and that includes feeding her natural, corn-free cat food, providing her with stimulating toys and spending time with her every day, but I haven't given much thought about caring for her teeth... until now. If I don't brush my cat's teeth plaque can build up and that can lead to tartar, and tartar is something the vet has to remove, called scaling, and that can cost.

Poor dental care can lead to diseases: Another reason I need to be more diligent about my cat's teeth is that cats with poor dental care can lead to Gingivitis. Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums. The gums become inflamed and change color from coral-pink to red or purple. Another disease is Peridontitis. It is loss of bone and soft tissue around the teeth. If your cat has diabetes they are more prone to developing peridontitis. And if that isn't enough, dental disease can lead to heart disease and other health problems.

Signs of dental disease in cats

According to Cat Hospital of Chicago, Signs of dental disease include: bad breath, drooling, pawing of the mouth, food falling out when cat eats, nasal discharge, & facial swelling.

It is recommended to brush your cat's teeth every day. I know that achieving this with my cat is going to be hard since I didn't start at a young age with her. I think a couple times a week would be sufficient enough though. The video below suggests using a sponge applicator or a cloth instead of a toothbrush. I think this would be easier to try at first.

YouTube video How To Brush Your Cat's Teeth

Are tartar control treats effective in cleaning your cat's teeth?

I give my cat the occasional tartar treat that helps reduce tartar formation but, according to Web MD, tartar control treats are okay in moderation but not sufficient enough to clean your cat's teeth. You would have to brush your cat's teeth also. Note: Some cat treats have corn as an ingredient, so if you don't like feeding them corn then you may want to make your own homemade cat treats.

Petstages Dental Health Chews pair

Dental Health Pair Catnip Cat Toys by Petstages
Dental Health Pair Catnip Cat Toys by Petstages

Chew toys for cats that help reduce plaque. Its floss like action helps clean teeth. Also contains catnip to encourage chewing.


Chew toys help remove plaque like the ones seen here. There are also dental sprays on the market that help prevent plaque. Some have success with this product while others do not. I have tried it once on my cat and she runs from it. She doesn't like the sound of the spray.


I would like to know- How many readers actually brush their cat's teeth on a daily basis?; And how many have ended up paying for expensive procedures at the vet, as a result from not brushing your cat's teeth? Anyway, Happy brushing! and hope you've learned something new from reading this article.


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