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Cat Beds - Christmas Gifts For Cats

Updated on September 6, 2011

Christmas will be here before you know it and it’s time to start thinking of what you can buy your favorite feline this year. While a cat can sleep anywhere, you might want to invest in a cat bed. They will not necessarily sleep in his cat bed when you want him to; however, it is a good idea to have one around for the times when your cat will want to have a soft and warm place to sleep that is his and his alone. If you have more than one cat you should get them one each.

My cat didn’t seem like the type to enjoy a cat bed as he liked sleeping next to me or in the bedroom alone. However, I picked up a cat bed from a friend and he went absolutely crazy over it. He spent weeks sleeping in it every evening. Of course, with the advent of summer he has avoided it since it is lined with fake lambs wool. I imagine when the cold weather hits again he will be sleeping in it once more.

There are as many cat beds on the market as there are cat’s personalities. If your cat likes to burrow, they have beds for that. If your cat likes to be toasty warm but still see what is going one, they have beds for that. If your cat likes to scratch, there are cat beds that have areas to scratch.

Thermo-Kitty Bed

For those cold winter nights when your favorite feline is feeling the chill. This bed plugs into a regular outlet. The bed is 16 inches in diamater and features a 4 watt heating unit deep in the orthopedic foam base. It warms up to 102 degrees Farenheit when the cat is lying in it (this is said to be the best temperature for the cat), when the cat not in the bed it stays approximately 15 degrees above room temperature. The bed is available in two colors; sage and mocha.

Your cat will appreciate this bed especially if he is older and suffers from aches and pains due to arthritis.

Pyramid Cat Bed

This cat bed features a very soft cushioned bottom and is made of polyester materials.It is structured to look like a tent and offers privacy for your cat who like to be hidden when he sleeps.It is 17 x 17 x 20 inches. The bed is black with a light brown interior and is machine washable. The bed is kept in place by a skid resistant bottom.

If your cat likes to burrow under the covers and sleep on very soft surfaces he might like this bed. It's muted color will not clash with your furniture or carpets.

Kuddle Kupp Cat Bed

This cat bed features a reversible cushion and a scalloped back upholstered in suede. The rope accent on the back matches the cushion. It comes in three colors; sage, gray, and green.

Any cat will look like a prince or a princess sitting on this bed. If your cat sleeps out in the open, this is the bed for you. The back offers some privacy for your royal feline.

Chaise Cat Bed

This cat bed is very low to the floor, so there is no climbing necessary for old or sick cats. The bed is made of acrylic and polyester fibers and is 17 x 14 inches. The scalloped back and sides are high enough to give your cat a feeling of privacy and confidence.

This pink and brown bed is very attractive and will make your cat look and feel like a queen.

Burrow Bed

This cat bed is filled with polyester fiber. It features a faux-suede outer fabric and a fleece sleeping surface. It features a very high back and sides that offers your cat some privacy. It also will keep out the drafts. The bed is 25 inches in circumference and is suitable for smaller cats. It features a navy blue exterior and a off-white interior.

This cat bed will look stylish in any room and will not clash with your carpeting or furnishings. If your little cat like to burrow, this is the bed for him.

Scratch N Massage Cat Bed

This cat bed is lined in rippled cardboard that allows your cat to scratch to his heart's delight. The walls are lined with liquid and flaked catnip. The bed measures 16 x 16 x 5 inches.

If your cat likes to sleep on a hard surface and also likes to scratch and sharpen his claws, this is the perfect bed for him.  However, if he is anything like my cat, he will eventually chew this bed up. It is priced so that if the bed is eventually chewed up or destroyed by cat claws it is easy to replace without breaking the budget.


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