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Cat Behavior that you ought to know.

Updated on September 11, 2015

Let’s face the fact that we all love cats. The crazy cat lady is no longer the only one. We honestly would like to have as many as we could fit in our homes if we had the chance. But, as beautiful as they are, cats have very erratic behaviors. They can go from cute and cuddly to mad and crazy in a matter of seconds. These sudden changes have proven difficult to decode, and many people still do not know how to react to them.

Do not despair. In order to make things easier, we have brought in what we would say is an expert in the area: Amy (the cat). She will guide you through the essentials.

Hi! I’m Amy.In the name of the entire cat community, I have come to tell you what we need you to know about us. I have put together a list of the most important signals we give you, with their meanings.You will then be able to have a better idea of what we require from you whenever you see or hear them. Here it is:

1) Noise


This is my extremely developed language. With a meow I can tell you I’m happy to see you, or to touch me under your own risk, or that I’m hungry. Good luck sorting that one out.


Purring is a reaction that mostly involves some type of contact. I purr because I like whatever you are doing to me, and you must continue. I like getting sun baths or being stroked (if I’m in the mood).

Chirps and trills

This is how mothers tell their kittens to follow them, if I’m aiming you, just follow me (most likely to my bowl of food). If you have more than one cat, don’t interfere, it’s a private conversation.

2) Pose

Tummy display

By rolling over and having our bellies exposed can mean one of two things: that we’re relaxed and confident enough to allow you to pet us. (or) we’re cornered without escape and get in this position for a better angle of attack. Don’t worry; we’ll only attack if we have teeth and claws out. Otherwise, you’re fine.

Fluttering blinking

We communicate affection by making eye contact and slowly closing our eyes. That’s called a “Cat kiss” and don’t expect many from us. If you copy us, we may just do it again if we’re in the mood. Earn them.

Classic Halloween pose

I’m being offensive and puffing my hair to seem bigger than I am, in order to scare off whatever is making me frightened. Don’t even dare to come closer.

3) Faces

Ears up and forward

We like you, you seem nice. If you stretch your hand out, we may even bump our heads into it to say 'helloor' sniff it if we’re too shy. Either way, you’re still on the safe side. Try to stay there.

Upright ears, sitting and alert

I think I heard a bird, or was it a mouse? Anyway, nice chatting… I’m off to find out what it was. See you later.

Ears flat back and wide eyes

I don’t know what you did, but you did it wrong. You’re scaring me. Or something else is scaring me. Stand back and don’t touch me or else…

Why does my cat do that?

Because of the great amount of questions I receive on a daily basis, here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Question: Why does my cat keep bringing me dead animals?

Answer: Because we’re excellent hunters and we like to brag about it. Besides, we think you deserve a treat every once in a while.

Question: Why does my cat get into boxes and bags?

Answer: It may seem silly from an outsider’s view, but we’re actually very comfortable and secure. We can see you, but you can’t see us.

Question: Is it normal for my cat to rub against furniture and people?

Answer: Yes, we’re marking our territory by spreading our scent all over the place. Deal with it.

With this I have reached the end of today’s expert advice on cats, this is your official cheat sheet when it comes to cat behavior. Apply it wisely and keep your cat happy.

When cats love what we are doing to them, they will do the following:

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