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How to Train Your Pet Cat In Small Steps, and Cat Care Essentials: Catio, Bed, Collar, and Water

Updated on November 15, 2013

Teaching Kitty Cat To Sit

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Cat Training - How to Do It in Small Steps

Now that you have a cat as your pet you need to consider having it properly trained because in this way you will get a well behaved pet as a new member in your family. It is important to know that cats are trainable pets and as a result they will respond in accordance to the training if this one is done in a proper way.

* For cat house training it is enough if you reward your cat with praising. Felines are very responsive to the attention and tenderness you pay to them. Because they always need to find affection around they will respond very well when this one is given to them.

* It is important not to resort to reprimands in the process of training since cats are very unique in their personality. For this fact, when they do something wrong they will mainly do it because they want to draw attention regardless if you are around or not.

* Make sure that once engaged in the process of training you will always praise the cat while talking to it at any time. This will help you maintain a healthy relationship with your beloved pet.

* Another thing that you should take note of is that cats can not be attentive more than five minutes or even less especially if there is something around them to grab their attention. When they get distracted it would be harder to get their attention back on track.

* When you confront with problems related to litter box training which happens very rarely in fact, you need to perform some basic things. One thing would be to make sure that your cat pet is fed on regular timetable.

* In this way you will easily observe when your cat needs to do its business. When you observe this, you should take your kitty to the litter box and wait until she figures out what to do. This may have to repeat for several times, but in the end she will figure out what she needs to do with the litter box. Once your pet does the thing you need to praise her a lot and also chat with her. In this way your cat will understand that she has done a good thing.

* You should buy a scratching post for your cat at her early stage of life because they tend to do this when being quite young. You wouldn't want for your cat to start scratching the furniture or the upholstery in the house, so make sure to get this post for your pet. After you have installed it in the house you should direct your cat to it when you see her in need for scratching. Once she does it with the post start praising her as well.

Choose the Plants for the Catio of Your Cat Pet

Once you have a cat indoors you can also consider designing a catio for the outdoors. There are many designs available to choose from, but if you want to be more unique you can as well choose to design one on your own. You will find great sources of inspiration within specialized magazines, but also internet access has become a good source to bring you great ideas in designing this outdoor enclosure for your cat pet.

The other thing that you need to take care of is the choice of plants. You must know by now that cats like to play and even chew on various plants and grass blades, but when designing the catio you should pay attention to the plants that you want to introduce in this surrounding. Many plants can be very toxic and this is why you should get educated on the plants that cats love having around. This article is meant to introduce you to the plants that are healthy not only for your cat but also for you.

These plants are: catnip, oat grass, and wheat grass. They can make a great addition to the house that you want to build for your cat pet. Cats, like any other animals like to have their intake of greens to compensate for the foods rich in proteins. Oat grass contain enzymes that help with digestive tract in several species of animals. If you have plenty of sunlight you can also grow a lot of oat grass indoors.

Sprouted grass is also the type of plant that your cat will adore. Wheat grass can be a good supplement for the cat diet while it is easy to grow within your yard space. This type of grass is rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamin A, B, C, E, and K, along with antioxidants and minerals. The nutrients will help your cat pet improve its night vision, they can also maintain a good state of coat health, healing easier the wounds and neutralizing infections.

Catnip comes as another type of plant that seems to be specifically 'designed' to serve the needs of a cat to munch at plants. This plant comes from the mint family of plants and is a perennial herb growing up to 3 feet above the ground and for this fact you can easily use if for a living fence to surround the catio that you have installed outdoors for your beloved pet. It means that this type of patio for your cat needs to be high enough to accommodate the growth of this plant.

So, if you want to make sure that your cat spends a great time outdoors in its catio you should include these plants in this environment. They will take care not only of the need of your cat to munch at greens, but also to take good care of its health.

How to Choose the Right Cat Bed

It is very important to offer your cat the comfort that it needs once you have taken the responsibility of having a pet cat within your home place. Think of this creature in the same terms as you would think for your own comfort. Aside from this you will have to take into account the features of your cat, the most predominant being the time cats spend while sleeping. Everybody knows that cats love to sleep the most part of the day. For this fact you will have to make sure that you choose the right cat bed.

The following things you need to know about your pet before selecting the bed:

* Take a good notice at the way your cat behaves: is it a climber or more of a ground cat? If you observe that your cat likes to climb and watch the world from above then an off ground cat bed is the best choice. Many cats simply love to sit on the window sill and snooze there for the most part of the day.

So, your cat likes to climb and this is why an off the ground bed is more suitable for it. If your cat loves to lie down on the floor and feels comfortable there then you can choose a floor bed for its sleeping needs. In case you have small kids in the house and dog-s then you should consider choosing a high bed as in this way it can be ensure that nothing and nobody will bother it.

* Another thing is to look for a bed that fits the size of your cat. On the market you will find beds tailored for all cat sizes. Some breeds of cats are more comfortable to sleep in their owner's bed or couches rather than on the bed that is designated to them. Other breeds are more comfortable to find their sleeping place as a hiding spot and for them a most suitable type of bed is a smaller one instead of a larger one.

* Another thing that you should look for is the material the bed is made of. Keep in mind that cats shed very often and for this fact you need to have the bed washed frequently. Apart from this, washing is essential to chase away the germs because cats are very vulnerable to falling sick because of the germs. So, choose the cat bed that can be washed or at least consider choosing the bedding in the type of a case that can be removed and washed whenever necessary.

The Importance of a Collar for Your Cat

If you own a cat you must have learned in the meanwhile that it is very important to have a collar as a way to have your pet identified in case it gets lost. There are many methods to have your cat identified and as a matter of fact it has become a law since 1999 as a way to protect animals and the community as well.

These days you can find collars, tags and even micro chips that are inserted under the animal skin as a way to locate the pet when it gets lost. It is also important to know at this point that once you own a pet in your home you are required by law to have it identified with any of those forms enumerated above. In fact, you can even get a fine from the local council if your pet doesn't wear this protection measure.

Nowadays it has become a fashion to have your cat accessorized in accordance to the latest trends. As such you will find on the market all sorts of cat collars. Different sizes, materials, colors along with accessories (such as tiny bells) are available in the pet stores to choose from. When you are out there looking for this collar, make sure to find one that has an elastic section for removing it with ease when necessary.

You can also use the collar in case you want to walk your cat outdoors. Cats are usually pets that are kept indoors for the entire day, but with the help of a leash you can always get it out for a walk. In this way your cat can get easily trained through some simple steps. They are as follows:

* First of all it is important to allow your cat get used to the collar and the leash while it is still indoors. If you use a harness it is also necessary for your cat to get familiar with it and with wearing it.

* One way to get your cat used to the leash is to allow it drag it behind while being in the house.

* Afterwards pick the lead up and start walking your pet pulling it softly to enable your cat get used to the fact that you are in control and your pet can not get away from this.

* When you take your pet out for the first time make sure that it is a quite moment of the day when your pet can not become scared of big noises.

* For having a successful training you should always reward your cat with treats for behaving well.

Water - Its Importance for Your Cat

You will want to provide your cat everything that will help you keep her in a good state of health. Nutrition and water should be always available for maintaining a good overall health of your beloved pet. You will find on various occasions your cat drinks water from the toilet and this is because she needs to have at all times fresh water at her availability.

Many cat owners think mainly to have the nutritional type of foods for their cat but they overlook the importance of water supply. Yes, you may check the label and look for the foods that contain meat protein but what about the water that your cat needs to have every day? It is said that creatures of these planets can do it without foods, but they can not do it when water is not around. So, you can have all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, included in the cat dietary plan, but you should never overlook the most important detail: water.

Why is water so important? Well, for starters you just need to think for a moment: your cat can not simply swallow the solid food you are giving to her without dissolving it properly with water. When water is missing, the nutrients can not be properly digested and as such they can not be carried all over her body system. More than this, the waste can not be easily eliminated and the body's temperature is not easily controlled. The results: the cat organs will start to fail in their functioning.

When you do not provide your cat enough water, then her body will start conserving the fluid that it can find within. In this way your cat will stop urinating and no stool will be eliminated. This will lead to a slower death while you r cat's body conserves the water resources. When there isn't enough water supply for your cat, then she will start suffering from various problems: urinary tract infection, bladder stones, and kidney problems.

How much water you should give to your cat? This will depend on various factors such as age, how active your cat is, air temperature, and environmental conditions. However you should go by the following rule of thumb: one millimeter of water for every calorie brought in with the food consumption. For instance, an adult cat must get about 250 - 350 ml per day. At the same time, there are various cat diets designed for these pets in accordance to their breed specifics. But they can always get a certain amount of water requirement from the cat food that comes in cans. This type of food is known to consist of 75% water.


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