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Cat Chat! HELP! My Cat Meows Too Much!

Updated on July 31, 2009
Siamese Cats are known to meow...a lot!
Siamese Cats are known to meow...a lot!

My cat Norman isn't much of a talker. In fact, he will only "meow" once or twice a day…if that. Some cats, however, are big talkers and meow non-stop. Obviously, cats meow as a way of communicating with not only other cats but their owners as well. It is a fact that feral (wild cats) don't meow as often as domesticated cats do. This is because in the wild, cats tend to communicate more through their body language. I guess domesticated cats have figured out that humans are not very smart when it comes to reading kitty body language so they meow in order to get our attention…and it usually works.

Though all cats meow, some breeds "talk" more than others. Oriental cats, for example, are known to be quite chatty. Some cats "talk" so much it becomes annoying (even a problem!). In the past, meowing has gotten your cat what he wants…so it's really not his fault he is a big talker…it's yours for giving in to his chatter! If your cat, for example, meows outside your bedroom door every morning at the crack of dawn and you always get up and feed him…then he knows that this behavior will get him something yummy (hence the reason he does it day in and day out). The only way to stop this annoying morning behavior is to NOT GIVE IN and simply ignore your fluffy friend. At first, your cat may simply meow louder and longer…but STAND STRONG, my friend. Eventually, your cat will get the message that his chatter no longer gets him his breakfast and he will move on to a new behavior like clawing your face in order to wake you up (yes, Norman has been known to do this).

"So I like to talk...gotta problem with that?"
"So I like to talk...gotta problem with that?"

I will tell you right now that you will NEVER be able to stop your cat from "talking" all together (though I don't know why you would want to…an occasional meow is kind of endearing if you ask me). If you have a low tolerance for kitty chatter, then either don't get a cat or get a breed that is known NOT to vocalize much (avoid big talkers like Orientals and the Siamese). If you have the patience, you can always try to "clicker train" your cat so that he meows less. Training a cat can be much more difficult than training a dog…so understand that clicker training your feline will TAKE TIME! It is also important to note that if have an outdoor cat and are planning on turning him or her into an indoor only pet…be prepared for some LOUD meowing as your cat adjusts to his new indoor life-style (he may sit at the door for hours on end thinking that he will eventually "break you." It is very important that you entertain your new "indoor friend" with cat toys (such as teasers) in order to keep his mind off the great outdoors.  Turning you outdoor cat into an indoor only pet is a wise thing to do as caring for your cat is much easier INSIDE your home (and safer too!).

So what have we learned? Well, all cats meow…some more than others. Constant (often annoying) chatter is a learned behavior that YOU are responsible for…so it is up to you to retrain your cat so that he or she becomes a QUIET companion. Finally, turning your outdoor cat into an indoor only pet is a smart thing to do and may even prolong your cat's life (as life indoors is MUCH less hazardous). Good luck and here's to a quiet cat! Meow!



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    • profile image

      CAS:) 7 years ago

      My Siamese, Charlie, is 14 yrs old. And louder then usual. I believe he is now channeling for my deceased mother (1996), and my father, that just pasted away this March (3/6/2010). The greiving process really sucks, but Charlee really helps me cope. I've also lost several work companions, 3 are gone for good, . . . I don't know what I'd do without Charlie. Bets are on that he will outlive my rescued terrior, Jaxxon, who has a food addiction. That is another story. Thanks. CAS:)

    • profile image

      Richard 8 years ago

      Who needs an alarm with my black cat around, he never stops at the crack of dawn, interesting article. But he is hard headed. Ignoring him, humm tried but failed. He's just too stuburn, lol. But I love him still.


    • David Fallon profile image

      David Fallon 8 years ago from Pomona, CA

      LOL I love it! The vet tells us Paco is part siamese as well, he has that characteristic "rowr" but fortunately it is not as loud as a pure breed.

    • elisabethkcmo profile image

      elisabethkcmo 8 years ago from Just East of Oz

      I love learning more about my cats, thanks!!

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 8 years ago from California Gold Country

      Great tips. You don't find much cat training advice-- probably because nobody thinks it can be done. I personally like a cat that "talks". I personally chose my last cat by meowing at the littermates. The one that answered was mine.

      Siamese are just a little too strange and demanding for my taste, but I like one that doesn't completely ignore people.

      Very interesting information.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      LOL! Great advise for anyone who may want a cat! They will try to train you...and if you let them they will! :D Many the friend, who have had a dog, got a cat for limited space...and did not understand the feline at all. Dogs like to please and cats want to be pleased. However, cats never need to be walked and will always be there for you! :D