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Cat Identification Tips

Updated on May 31, 2015

Despite our great efforts of making our cats busy indoors by playing with its favorite cat toy and in keeping them in sight, being adventurous creatures, they have slipped out of that door or window without you watching and breath in adventure. To make the long story short, he/she has disappeared. However, if your cat was wearing some identification then there's a great chance that you'll get him back. An identification is a vital safety net for keeping you and your companion together.

My cat, Peanut, was such an adventurous cat. She likes to visit my neighbor's garden and other nearby places. Because of that my neighbors already knew her and would inform me immediately that they found Peanut there. However because of the fear I might lose her somewhere outside the neighborhood, I decided to get her a collar.

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Again, identification tags are important for your cats, indoor or outdoor. Accidents happen and we don't know when a cat can slip away from your home. If it has no ID tag with it, a stranger or pet control officer might pick it up and take it to a shelter thinking it's a stray cat. An identification tag is your cat's ticket home because it shows that your cat has an owner who wants him back.

The ID tag should have your name, address and a contact number which you could be reached the easiest. It's also best to have a secondary contact number of a friend or relative just in case. Make sure you check your pet's tag always to make sure all your info is still readable. Also if you have changed any of those info also make sure you update your cat's tag.

Having an ID tag for your cat is also important when you are moving or traveling. They could easily be lost in tarmacs and roadsides and rest stops. Again, when it has an ID tag it could be retrieved easily.

Tag Types

There are many types of tags. The easiest way to get a tag is to make it yourself at a local pet store. Many pet supply stores have engraving machines that let you choose the size, shape, and color of the tag as well as the contact information that you want engraved on it. They are cheap and can be done in minutes.

Tags come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Some even glow in the dark. Some are cheap and some are very high-end and can be found in classy boutiques. Whatever your tag is, the most important thing is that is serves its function well.

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There is an amazing variety of collars around today. There are diamond studded ones, leopard printed, leather, painted, buckled, embroidered, you name it! These could bring in additional style for your precious cat. (Currently, Peanut's collar is a zebra-printed one. So cute!) However, you can dwell less on these things. Again, the purpose is more important.

There are also collars called breakaway collars. A breakaway collar features a fastener that automatically releases when it's pulled. HumaneSociety says that since these fasteners don't click into a locked position, they allow your cat to slip free if the collar gets snagged on window blinds, furniture, or fencing; a thing regular collars can't do especially when your cat could be strangled.

These collars also feature a short length of elastic fabric woven into the collar that expands when you tug it. This kind of collar will also release your cat if he gets caught on an object. The weight of his body, or pressure applied to the collar by tugging, stretches the elastic and lets him escape. You can find these breakaway collars at pet stores or online shops. Also, here is a video with tips on how to fit a collar for your cat:

Means of identification could bring a lot of advantages for you and your cat. So make sure your cat is wearing one. Also keep an extra collar and tag around in case your cat breaks or loses his. With this, you can ensure that your precious feline can spend his life where he belongs and that is with you.


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