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Cat Litter Types

Updated on September 3, 2010

What you want in a cat litter is what cat litter you should buy

There are many different types of cat litter, but only four stand out above the rest.

  • Clumping cat litter
  • Non clumping cat litter
  • Absorbent silica crystals
  • Recycled cat litter

In this hub we will be disscussing each of these in detail and then giving them a score out of ten. Remember, these scores are my personal thoughts and reflections, and that you must choose your litter based on your cat.

Clumping litter

Clumping litter, as the name suggests, clumps around urine and feaces for easy removal. But this feature means that it also clumps around the cats insides if it is swallowed, and the cats paws if they are wet. This can lead to medical problems when your cat licks his or her paws and eats the litter.

Score 8/10

Why? Good cat litter but marks taken off for the medical issues.


Non Clumping Litter

Non clumping litter has the benifit of not producing so much dust as clumping litter and does not have any medical effects. But it is a lot harder to keep clean, due to the fact that it has to be dumped completely and then replaced, unlike clumping cat litter where you just scoop away the used part.

Score 7/10

Why? A lot harder to keep clean than most other sorts of cat litter.

Silca Crystals

 Another type of cat litter is absorbant silca crystals, which do an exellent job of controlling odors, and last longer than any other type of litter. But the negatives? Your cat is less likely to use it. If thats whats happening,then mix normal litter with it, slowly decreasing the amount of normal each time you empty it.

Score 6/10

Why? All these benifits aren't good if your cat won't use it.

Recycled cat litter

Recycled cat litter of course, is just like regular cat litter except it has the benifit of being made out of completely recycled materials.

Score 8/10

Why? Same as normal cat litter but eco friendly!

So now...

 Choose your litter box or prepare for the problems of cat litter box training.


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