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Updated on January 13, 2013

Cat Abilities

cats are extraordinary animals. cats can jump 7 times the height of their own tail. cats see better than humans, due to the fact they have several powerful eye receptors. a cat eyes can glow. cat see best at night. cats love being rubbed on their head softly. when a cat rubs against you, its marking you as theirs. yelling at a cat does not help. speak softly to a cat. cats have very short attention spans. so when you teach them them tricks, have a treat handy to hold their attention.

If you touch a cats whiskers they can feel it throughout their whole body. their whiskers are very touch sensitive. cats have excellent hearing. when a cat twitches in its sleep, it might be a nightmare. cats can have asthma attacks. its called feline asthmetic. when cats breath rapidly curl up, and look like they are about to vomit, consult a vet hospital immediately .


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