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The Curious Cat

Updated on June 15, 2017
Curiosity kills the cat
Curiosity kills the cat | Source

Checking Out The Neighborhood

There were a couple of guys that recently moved into the neighborhood, their names are Tom and Sylvester. After getting settled after their tedious journey, they talked about getting to know their new surroundings. They decided to take a stroll through the hood to see what it has to offer, so as they started out on their new quest not far from their new home, they came across a very tall wooden and became curious about what was behind it.

Tom said to Sylvester G-man that is a tall and very long fence, i wonder why it is so tall; Sylvester said they must not want people to see in their yard. So they casually continued their stroll, suddenly they heard from the other side of the fence some one said nine, Tom and Sylvester looked at each other, then Tom said hey maybe some one is playing golf back there, Sylvester replied who cares seem like the yard is big enough for such a sport though. As they continued on once again the voice said nine, Tom said i am going to jump up and see what is going on over there; Sylvester Said i really don't think you should do that it is invasion of privacy; Tom then said i guess you are right.

They are now stopped next to the fence looking around to figure out where to go from there, casually having a conversation about the scenery; suddenly from behind the fence a loud shout nine again, Tom goes what the heck, i am going to see what is going on back there Sylvester said maybe he can't count past nine jokingly, Tom repeated i want to see for my self what's up back there; Sylvester said to Tom i think you should mine your own business.

Then Sylvester turned away from Tom, the voice again shouted nine; Tom goes i am really curious why he is shouting nine and proceeded to scale to the top of the fence, with Sylvester's back turned unaware that Tom was on top of the fence, suddenly a yelping sound and then a thump to the ground, Sylvester turned around to see Tom laid out flat on the ground he rushed to Toms aid; while attending to his friend from behind the fence the voice shouted ten. Hope this made you laugh.


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