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Choosing a Safe Cat Repellent Spray

Updated on August 2, 2014

We all love having a nice and beautiful garden on our backyard. They're nice to look at, keep us busy and gives your house a more friendly vibe. But, what nobody likes, is having their garden intruded, especially by cats. Cats can cause a lot of damage to gardens, they damage trees with their excessive clawing, they leave a very unpleasant smell in yards by marking and spraying and as the hunters that they are, they like catching prey like birds, amphibians and fish; and a dead little animal lying on the garden is not what people like to see.

Although cats can be sneaky, there are ways to keep them out of your garden. A lot of people like to try different methods. For example, creating physical barriers using chicken wire in the soil, using scat mats and scattering pine cones, twigs and river rocks. But as you may imagine, these methods are not always completely effective. That's why there are many more ways to keep cats away; like an ultrasonic device, a motion-activated sprinkler or the classic technique of spraying the cats with a hose.

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These methods can be more effective, but all of them have their disadvantages. Equipment like the ultrasonic device and the motion-activated sprinkler could be out of a lot of people's budget, and we don't have the time to stay glued to the window and wait for the cats to come so we can spray them with the hose. So we go back to the start, how can we keep cats away from gardens?

The answer is simple: cat repellent spray. Cat repellent sprays are very effective and actually work. Cat repellent sprays are not expensive and easy to use, they work because the spray contains certain substances that make cats know some places are forbidden and off limits. Another benefit of cat repellents that really work is that they are safe for your family and specially for your plants and they are also biodegradable.

There are also different types of cat repellent sprays. You can buy the common ones on different stores and also online. But you can also make your own natural cat repellent spray. It is not hard or complicated to make and that way you can be 100% sure it will not hurt your garden and your plants.

Homemade Natural Cat Repellent Sprays

There are many homemade sprays that contains different ingredients. Some sprays for example are the cinnamon, rosemary and lavender spray, the lemon and eucalyptus spray, the black pepper spray and the olbas oil and witch hazel spray. All of these cat repellent sprays and many others are extremely easy to prepare and you can get all of the ingredients in common stores and supermarkets.

To make the cinnamon, rosemary and lavender spray, you will need a heatproof container. Place three cups of boiling water in it, then add three tablespoons of cinnamon, three tablespoons of rosemary and three tablespoons of dried lavender.

After you have done that, cover the container and let the mixture steep for several hours or even overnight. Then, uncover the container and pour the liquid through a fine mesh strainer lined with clean cheesecloth. You can use a funnel to pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

The final step is to add 3/4 cup of vinegar to the mixture, also add fifteen drops of tangerine or orange essential oil. Shake the spray bottle so the ingredients can blend.

And now, you've got your all natural cat repellent spray. You see, it is extremely easy to make one yourself. Now you only need to spray it wherever you want to repel cats and voilĂ ! Only remember that even though this is safe for your garden and plants, you should never spray the mixture directly on plant foliage.

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Natural Homemade Spray #2

Another great natural cat repellent spray is the black pepper spray. Felines dislike the smell of black pepper, so this mixture is especially unpleasant to them. This spray is even easier to prepare than the cinnamon, rosemary and lavender spray.

Pour a cup of water to boil in a saucepan. When the water comes to a boil, remove it from the heat and wait two to five minutes. Mix into the water two tablespoons of fresh black pepper and stir to dissolve it. Be careful not to get any steam in your eyes. After the solution has cooled, place the mixture into the spray bottle and get ready to spray it.

Whether you choose to buy a cat repellent spray or make it yourself, always keep it away from children. It is true that it is not harmful, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. You also need to keep in mind that you shouldn't overdo the dose of cat repellent spray that you use. You don't need to empty the entire bottle to keep the cats away. A few daily sprays will o the trick. It is also convenient for you because your spray will last longer.

If you are thinking of buying a cat repellent spray instead of making it, there are a lot of different options and types online. And to buy one, you need to be sure that it works and has a quality substance. Fortunately, has a list of the best cat repellent sprays available online, so check them out on the link below and decide which one you like the best.


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