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Cat and Dog Rescue Saves Lives

Updated on February 3, 2017

The Need for Pet Rescue

Pet rescue and adoption is the only hope for forgotten animals. Organizations that help rescue abandoned and abused pet are so important!

Too many dogs and cat owners fail to spay and neuter their pets, there is a real need for animal rescue. Four million lost, or unwanted cats and dogs are destroyed every year.

Sadly, in shelters all over the US, one animal is euthanized every eight seconds. Many of these animals were once a beloved pet, or the litter mate of a kitten to though you were giving to a responsible person.

In every city, you can find these, forgotten strays and feral cats. Many of these street cats live on the streets, without every knowing care or human companionship. The lives of cats are much shorter than that of the average house cats; often dying of sickness, disease, mistreatment, dog attacks or being hit by a car.

Rescue an Abused or Abandoned Cat

It has been calculated the one female cat can have up to four litters each year and produce up to 42,000 kittens in a seven-year period. Cats can get pregnant as young as the age of five months old. This leads to many unwanted, abused and abandoned pets.

The best way to rescue a cat is to help reduce the cat population in the first place. People have to resist the urge to allow their pets to breed because they feel their cat is so beautiful, or they want to let their children witness the miracle of birth. Unless you plan to keep all the kittens, you are left in the position of finding responsible people to adopt them.

Many stray cats were kitten given to people you through would love and care for them forever. Cats don't stay cute little kittens and many times bothersome behavior such as climbing on counters or scratching on furniture can lead the frustrated owner to give away or abandon a cat.

Adopt an Older Dog
Adopt an Older Dog

Foster and Abandoned Dog

There are thousands of dogs being destroyed every day. Pet owners are known for treating out pets like our children, yet million of unwanted dogs and puppies are abandoned, mistreated, killed and tortured yearly. The shelters are filled to overflowing, many because of irresponsible owners,

The shelter needs all the support they can get. Many cities, don't have the budget to properly care for all the animals they take in. Please consider fostering a pet, until they can find a permanent home. We can not help every pet, but we can try.

The next time you are thinking about getting a pet, why not consider adopting from a pound or shelter. There are so many loving animals, waiting to be taken home, and given all the love they deserve. It is the responsible thing to do.

How to Adopt a Cat

Help Catch a Stray or Feral Cat

You can help by rescuing a cat, by catching a stray or feral cat in your community. The difference between a stray and a feral cat is, a feral cat may have been born or raised on the street. A stray cat was one own by someone and was abandoned or became lost and is now living on the street.

If you are working with a cat rescue agency, they will loan you a humane cage to catch a feral or stray cat. All you have to do is place the cage in an area where the cat frequents, and put a can of cat food inside, once you have covered the bottom with newspaper to hide the trip.

Once the cat is caught, they will arrange for them to be examined by a doctor and spayed and neutered. Many times a feral will be returned to the street as they are no adoptable.

These cats, lives though difficult, will still be better because a female cat will not have to worry about getting pregnant and having the extra burden of caring for herself as well as her kittens. Once a Tom cat is spayed, he will tend to be less aggressive and hopefully not get in as many fights as a cat that is not spayed.

Amazing Pet Rescue

Have you ever adopted a cat or dog from a shelter?

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Rescue a Cat
Rescue a Cat

Forstering a Cat

Shelter are filled to the brim and one way you can help rescue a cat is to get one a home until the shelter can find a home for them. If you are already a cat lover and have experience in caring for cats you may want to consider fostering one or two rescued cats or kittens.

This will give the cat a sense or normalcy and gives them the love and care they deserve. Opening your home to an abandoned cat is a true act of love.

Many people will foster a cat for a short or extended period of time. Some will fall in love and decide to adopt the cat they have taken in.

Adopt a Cat

The greatest way you can help rescue a cat is to adopt one from the SPCA or cat organization. If you want to be a greater help, adopt an adult cat. Everyone is looking for a kitten, but adult cats are great and their personality is already formed.

When you adopt a cat from a shelter, they are already spayed or neutered and have all the vaccination to protect them from common disease. If you adopt a kitten, you are usually given a free or discount coupon to return the cat to be fixed once they are old enough. You can't beat that!

Give an adult cat a loving home to spend the rest of his or her days. When you adopt an adult cat, you will pretty well tell if he/she is quite, shy, spunky or funny. Cat rescue is a full-time job, but together we can make a difference!

Adopt a Pet


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