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Cat Play & Toy Tips

Updated on December 9, 2014

Cat Toy

Cats were given outrageous leaping, dashing, strength and jumping abilities. To satisfy their predator instincts cats will play with anything lying around. They are athletic, agile, show awesome balance and are strong. You should urge play time for your cat, it gives them a way to use their energy and provides physical and mental stimulation. It's also a lot of fun to watch our cats play. With the right kind of play it also helps to strengthen our bond with our Cat. To keep your cats happy and healthy make sure they play with the right toys. You need to make sure that they avoid the many unsafe things around the house that they normally like to play with.

Cute Kitten Playing

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Cat Play Tips

Some people like to play with their pet, especially cats, using a laser pen. They do this by making their cat chase the red dot around and is very fun to watch. This play is very dangerous, if that laser beam hits their eyes directly it can cause damage. Laser pens are also dangerous to all of us. Another down side to this kind of play is the cat never gets their prey. A cat is a natural predator and loves to chase things down. It is a big tease for your cat when they are not rewarded for their hard work and allowed to capture their prey. Due to these reasons, you might want to limit this activity or stop it all together.

Chances are you have many toys for your cat and they are all out in the open for your cat to play with. Have you ever noticed that your cat gets bored with some of the toys and they get forgotten, never played with again? Try rotating your toys and put some away and only leave a few out for your cat to play with. Cats can get tired of one toy, so putting some away and rotating them keeps your cat's attention fresh. If your cat has one favorite toy that always gets played with no matter what then it might be a good idea to leave that one out until they do get bored with it. After all, we don't to deprive them.

A popular type of toy are wand type toys, like fishing pole types. These often have string or yarn which can cause problems for your cat when they are not supervised. When your cat is not supervised it is a good idea to put these type of toys away to avoid potential dangers related to string and yarn.

It's a good idea to make homemade toys that cats enjoy. Cats love to play with items such as cardboard paper towel tubes, ping-pong balls, empty brown paper bags and crumbled paper balls. Another good thing about these homemade toys is the price is right.

Cats love toys with movable objects. They seem mesmerized by these thinking they are alive and can play with them on their own forever. Try taking the movable object and send it in motion to get your cat's attention and get play time started.

Use catnip with your toys and play time. Catnip can add a lot excitement to an inactive cat. It is safe and non addictive. There are many toys that can add catnip. This creates a lot more attention for your cat and urges them to play more. If your cat doesn't respond to catnip there is nothing wrong, some cats don't react to it.

Burmese Sometimes Act Like Dogs


Fetch Time!

Be interactive and play with your cat. Many cat owners may not realize this but cats, like dogs, also like to fetch things. There are many cat breeds, such as a Burmese, that acts more like a dog, gets along with children and is more dependent on their owners. There is a lot of fun for you and your cat playing fetch like games. Regardless of your cat breed you can urge them to play by throwing their favorite toy and having them chase it down. When they do reward them in a way that they like. Practicing this over and over your cat will learn to love chasing things down after we throw them. This kind of play is awesome because it is interactive and helps to create more of a bond between us and our cats. A common complaint from dog lovers about cats is that they don't like to interact with their owners. The more we urge interactive play with our cats the more this idea will fade away.


Cat Tongue


Hide These Objects!

There are certain objects around every household that cats love to get their mouths and paws on which are dangerous for them to play with. Learn what these objects are and put them away so your cat avoids playing with them.

  • String and yarn, YES YARN! We have seen those cute cat photos of a kitten playing with a ball of yarn, they just melt your heart. The truth is, yarn and string can cause choking or strangulation risks. Cats have a special tongue with backward facing barbs, giving it that scratchy texture. The barbs make it hard for the cat to get certain objects, like yarn, out of their mouth. The yarn sticks to the tongue and it does not get unstuck very easily. Because of this it is possible for the yarn to work its way down your cat's throat. So avoid those cute photo ops and put that yarn away. If you are wondering why your cat has this type of tongue, it's for self grooming and holding food.
  • Make sure that bags are away. Not just clear plastic bags but all kinds of bags like chip and food bags also. Keep your pantry food doors closed, you know your pet will want to get at the food when you are not looking or home. Before throwing bags in the garbage cut or shred them. Pets can stick their head in the bag and then it gets sealed around their head causing them to suffocate. This can happen to a dog also, it's not just for a smaller animal.
  • Pins, needles, nails, safety clips and paper clips. Do we really want our cats biting on these objects or getting stuck with them? Anything sharp object cannot be left out.
  • Rubber bands for the same reason as plastic bags, possible suffocation or choking.
  • How about those fly bait strips that hang down. A cat would love to play with something like that. Keep these out of reach or even better try a different alternative.

Take Action and Have Fun

Your cat playtime can be fun but it also has to be safe. Don't forget that they will play when we are not home or watching them so precautions have to be followed at all times. By avoiding the unsafe toys, giving proper supervision and hiding the dangerous objects that can cause harm will allow their playtime to be safer. I came across a website where someone's pet suffocated on a chip bag. Of course they were devastated and will never fully recover from this tragedy. Safety measures are more important than the fun part of playing. After taking the necessary steps for safety then work on the playing part by increasing interactive play. Your cat play will be much more enjoyable this way and your cat will be happier.


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