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Cat Training Collars

Updated on October 15, 2011
My troublesome cat
My troublesome cat

Does your cat rule the roost? Does he put the bad in Bad Kitty? If his behavior is beyond the usual mischief and other training methods just are not working, you may want to try a some sort of training collar.

Shock collars can be a controversial training method as some feel it can be cruel to the animal. Others feel that this is an effective and safe method of training their feline friend as the shock that is given is very mild. Before investing in a collar for your cat, it is best to talk to your veterinarian to make sure your cat’s health is good enough to use a cat shock collar. By researching the various types of shock collars available and speaking with your veterinarian, you can make the best decision for both you and your cat. In doing research, it was difficult to find these collars that are designed specifically for a cat, but there are others that are designed for both dogs and cats.

Be aware that using this method could end up making your cats behavior worse instead of better. If your cat is skittish, this method could end up causing the cat to become even more afraid and, consequently, go into constant hiding.

If you decide that a shock collar is the best route to go with your cat, you will want to make sure you find out about the proper usage and that you get one that is appropriate for your pet. Most are put around the animal’s neck and has two metal probes which protrude from the box which is on the collar. These probes are used to deliver the shock to the animal.

Two popular products are the Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer and the PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Remote Trainer. Neither of these items works on a shock basis but instead use other methods that are not as controversial as a shock collar.

Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer

Using a remote control, this collar gives off a high frequency sound which only the animal hears.  Simply press the button for one or two seconds at the same time you are giving the cat a command.  The sound gets their attention and they should respond to what you are telling them.

(I ordered this for my cat and have only had to use it three or four times and he is listening much better.  Unfortunately, if my other cat is in range, she hears it too and she freaks out.)

PetSafe Deluxe Little-Dog Remote Trainer for Pets Under 40 Pounds

This collar comes with 10 different levels of stimulation ranging from 400 to 6000 volts.  You can choose a negative tone with or without correction to use with your cat.  The receiver collar is waterproof which is good for when your cat sticks their head in the water dish.  When you receive the unit, you will get a training manual which is written for dogs but will have tips and ideas that will help you with training your cat.  This unit is not recommended for animals under 15 pounds but you could choose to just set the collar down near the area you want your cat to avoid.

Hopefully this method will improve your cat’s behavior within only a few days and you can put the collar away.


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    • SKCandles profile image

      SKCandles 6 years ago from Canada

      I actually don't think they make any specifically for cats, at least not when I was looking. The one I picked out just makes a noise, and there is no collar that the cat wears. Its just annoying to them, like nails on a chalkboard to us. I couldn't do anything to my cats that would shock them, no matter how much they piss me off

    • cmahan profile image

      Chrystal Mahan 6 years ago from Michigan

      Thankfully I have never had to use one of these. Funny thing is, I thought they only made them for dogs. I think there is also this part of me that thinks it might be just a little bit cruel. I have a hard time even yelling at my pets. My cat is pretty good, he does bite and we are trying to teach him that not every minute of the day is play time.