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Cat facts, behavior and problems

Updated on June 22, 2012

The number one slot on the list of the most popular pet in the world was taken by cats. Haven’t you ever wondered why this is so? When you look at your cat have you ever wondered what makes this furry friend tick?

Cat Behavior

Most household have cat and dog pets. Both these animals make wonderful pets but cat owners would know how the personality of these animals differs. A cat owner would know that there are behaviors that only cats can manifest. Kneading and purring are behaviors unique to cats. Cats are not big in showing affection but they do have the inclination to knead. The front paws will be pushed down in the arms or stomach of the owner as if working bread dough. Kneading is an affectionate gesture of the pet. Cats purr. Purring is often associated with happiness and satisfaction. However, cats purr too when sick or stressed. Covering the feces is a unique cat behavior. Cats also have the inclination to perch on high places. A cat would be seen on the roof, at top of the fence or up on trees as if haughtily surveying the world below.

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Questions about cats

Even long time cat owners would still have some questions about cats. Definitely, cats are perplexing animals. A common question asked is why do cats have the inclination to scratch. Cats are not really destructive animals. A cat owner need not worry that the pet left alone at home would get bored and become destructive. Cats though have the innate inclination to scratch. The carpet, the wall or the furniture would bear the signature scratch marks of the pet. Cats scratch because they need to maintain the good condition of the claws. Claws are very important survival tools for cats. When they scratch, the old sheaths of the claws are removed and what would be revealed are the new razor-sharp claws. Another reason for the scratching is to mark the territory. Another question about cats is why they chatter like birds. Cats are predators and birds are one of their favorite preys. A cat that sees a bird will chatter like a bird in excitement especially if the bird is unreachable.

Cat problems

Cats are calm and low maintenance pets. Cat parents seldom have problems with the pet but when they do, the problems is usually on the cat’s aggression and refusal to use the litter box. Cats are said to be difficult to train. In spite of this fact, most cats can be trained to use the litter box…except for a few. A cat with litter box problem would eliminate in inappropriate places, would spray and would not cover its feces. Litter box problems can be resolved simply by regularly cleaning the litter box or providing the pet with a bigger litter box. Aggression is another cat problem. Cats are not really aggressive animals but some pets can hiss, scratch and bite the owner or other members of the family. To resolve cat aggression problem the owner has to rule out medical reasons first and then to determine the possible causes of the cat’s aggressive behavior. Correcting the cat’s behavior can only be done if the reason for the aggression is determined.

Cat Facts

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    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      So very interesting and thanks for sharing.


    • quicksand profile image

      quicksand 5 years ago

      Cat liker here! Voted up, and interesting too. I have always been saying that "cats" is the goodlookingest animal in the world!

      Great pix! ... Cheers!