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Home Remedies for Cat Repellents

Updated on June 18, 2009

Home made remedy

In this page i would like to share some home made remedies to repel the cat and some chemicals which are available in the market so that you can make your house and garden cat proof.

it is true that we love animals but on the other hand if you do not have a cat yourself and the cat from the neighbourhood creats a mess in your porch, garden, inside your house on the stairs.

i think many of us might have faced this problem. sometime we have a cat door but the problem is the stray or neighbour,s cat come to our house and make it dirty.

i have found this is the biggest problem with the people who do not have pets themselves but the cat from the neighbourhood creats a mess in their garden. cat can not be tamed so it is very difficult for your nice neighbour to control the cats.

i have found some home made remedies which can help you to control this problem and of course i will not charge anything.


Cat Doors

  1. ElectroMagnetic Cat Doors:- These are easily available in the market. The cost from $24 to $130, depending upon the brand and quality. These cat doors come with the electronic unit which is intalled on the cat door itself. A small magnet is tied on the collar of the cat. it only works for the cat which has that magnet attached (oops your neighbour cat should not have one, otherwise it will work for it too) but for sure it will not work for the stray cats who does not wear the magnet.
  2. Magnetic Cat Door:- These are very simple in design just same as the above; without the magnet on the collar of cat and elctromagnetic unit. Now a days all the cat door come with it. It helps to prevent the air draft come inside as the magnet on the door holds the door shut.

These cat door can be easily fixed on all wooden and glass doors. They come in round and square shape so you can choose depending upon your requirement.


  1.  Skunk Shot: This chemical comes in a paste form and you can use it in your garden or in home.
  2. Cat and Dog repellent by VITA PET: It comes in form of granules, gel and ready to use spray. You can use it anywhere to repel the cats.

Home made remedies

  1. Black Pepper Seeds: Yes i have found it very effective, you can put some black pepper seeds in the garden to repel the cats.
  2. Moth Balls: the moth balls can be another method to keep the cats away from your garden as they have strong smell.
  3. Citronella Oil:- It is also very effective method to keep them away. if you mix citronella oil with water (only one-fourth of citronella oil in water) and spray it on the affected area, it can take care of cats.


  1. First clean the already existing poo in your garden.
  2. Use often to break the habit of cat coming to your garden.


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    • profile image

      wow 4 years ago

      Wow didn't realize this was such a huge problem! I agree with those who say hit them in the pocket book! I would sue them or leave their animal and name and number at the shelter. I am an animal lover and i own 2 INDOOR cats and a dog who I take good care of. I have found stray cats and litters on my property but I catch them and take them to a shelter. If your cat is on my property it will be gone because leaving the cat outside upsets natural wildlife, neighbors, and pets. Many stray animals carry parasites and disease which I don't want my animals and kids to catch. Leaving dogs and cats outside so much is cruelty. Shelters and rescues will not adopt out an animal to u if you leave it outside. If you leave your animals out to roam, you don't care about their safety. they could be poisioned by those who have lost patience, shot, hit by cars, picked up by animal control, eatten by another animal, or injured in some other way. So I advise those frustrated by this take action and hit them with crulty fines or lawsuit. Stop paying for someone elses irresponsible behavior. You may kill one cat but they will just get another. Take action where it may make a difference for u and maybe your community.

    • profile image

      JM 4 years ago

      For all the cat owners on here telling everyone to go buy this or go buy that-- take care of your own pet!! It's not everyone elses responsibility to keep YOUR cats out of THEIR yards- If you really cared about the animal then you would care where it's at.. Be responsible pet owners!!!! Their called HOUSE CATS for a reason----DUH How would you like for the neighbors with the PITs to allow them to run the neighborhoods and tell you if you don't like it-- go buy a noise maker- Spend your own money to keep your cats in your yard, your the one who wants them- act like it!!!

    • profile image

      amanda113002 5 years ago

      I do have a problem with the cats as well. Not with using my yard as a litter box but they have gotten under my home and destroyed my air ducts as well as tear up neighbors trash if they can get the lid off. The cats have also damaged the cars by scratching the paint climbing on them. This is just a few things that are more expensive. I have a cat and I take care of my animal and I expect the next person to take care of theirs. I will do whatever I have to do. So damages I'm gonna say at least ten thousand dollars plus hospital bills for three children in this cold house because we are having to use space heaters (plus cost of space heaters) plus cleaning fees will be added and before I am done I will OWN your ENTIRE paycheck! for the REST of YOUR life! SO its really not a problem if YOU so-called ANIMAL LOVERS do NOT show YOUR ANIMAL ANY LOVE and damage my stuff I worked hard for and my families health and well-being. We can just sit here across the way and watch you pack your bags when you loose your home and everything for the simple fact you "LOVED" your animal sooo much that YOU expected someone else to have the problems instead of taking care of YOUR responsibilities as a pet owner. YOU pet owners who let your animals destroy the neighborhood, well, I think animal CRUELTY should be added to the list of charges as well! The owners are NOT providing the proper safe environment for these animals and are doing so knowingly and subjecting the animals to whatever I think I might start keeping in MY YARD. Not my problem if things are NOT animal friendly outside because my animal is inside and out of harms way. SO WHAT if I wanna spill some antifreeze while I'm maintaining my car, oops so sorry your cat died from mothballs I was keeping snakes away from my home, oh man really? it ate ALL that rat poison that I put UNDER MY HOME to keep rodents away. NOT my problem your animal was ALLOWED BY YOU to go on another person's property without permission from the property owner or tenant...TAKE CARE OF YOUR ANIMALS OR GIVE THEM TO SOMEONE WHO WILL BUT IF I WANTED AND COULD AFFORD THE EXPENSE AND ALL OF HAVING THEM I WOULD HAVE WENT AND LET MINE TEAR YOUR STUFF ALL UP. Hmm FLU SEASON and my kindergarten age child has done missed a couple weeks of school from getting sick with pneumonia hmm she had to go back to hospital 3 times and that's just for the one thing not everything for her and not everything for the other 3 people and yes my cat as well so thanks alot you animal abusers who are trying to mascaraed as animal lovers!

    • profile image

      Richard 5 years ago

      Those of you who thinks it's wrong to kill the cats which are killers by nature should think about stopping the killing of cows, chickens, and turkeys which aren't killers by nature. Stop eating beef, chicken, and turkey. Eat the cats. They are actually deserveing of being ate. Cows, chickens, and turkeys aren't. Of course we could import some cannibals to eat people that eat beef, chicken, and turkeys but not cats. They'd deserve to be eaten. They're not harmless. Cows, chickens, and turkeys pretty much are. Cats especially isn't. They kill more species of wildlife than anything else and torture wildlife before they kill it and eat it. We really need to teach them to kill and eat the one's who eat beef, chicken, and turkey which are harmless critters. There should be a law saying meateaters can only eat meateaters.

    • profile image

      Lily 5 years ago

      To all these ppl who want to buy moth balls to kill them do it the right way and get yourself a dog and let the dog chase the cats out of your backyard duh

    • profile image

      Done 5 years ago

      My yard, my rules! Come in my yard, you will be, dog, or person. This is MY LAND and I will do as I see fit to protect it!!!!

    • profile image

      TheMadTrapper 5 years ago

      I'm extremely annoyed with these so called pet owners adopting cats just to have them loiter around the neighborhood.

      I've trapped 16 cats in my yard since I purchased my first of 4 traps in March.. I'm trying to be humane but I'm done.... I'm going to the pound to try to find me a CatKiller and I'm trading in my Traps for a nice High Pressure BBGun....

    • profile image

      cat hater 5 years ago

      cat biccys soaked in antifreeze, will stop em stone dead, someone up north (uk) has killed approx 240 so far

      my hero!!!!

    • profile image

      Mimi 5 years ago

      I'm all for moth balls

    • profile image

      sick and tired 5 years ago

      I agree with "chris rob", the vermins should be shot.

    • profile image

      chris rob 5 years ago

      vermin should be shot

    • profile image

      Annieb 5 years ago

      i am truly amazed at some of the comments I have found here on this site. WOW!!There is s scripture in the bible that says "Pro_12:10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel."For those people who are bad pet owners they will answer to God someday but so will those that kill these animals that God has given us dominion over.I am also having a problem with a neighbors male cat who is spraying on my windows. We live in a basement apt. and he sprayed our bedroom window last night when it was open. What a smell!! Well i have been a cat owner and lover and i currently have 2 dogs which we are very responsible with. I understand people get frustrated but please remember that these problems are actually caused by neglectful pet owners who are irresponsible. The cat is just doing what a cat will do when left to run wild on its own. I am frustrated with the male cat that is spraying our windows as well, but i remind myself that he is just doing what a cat does and being a "higher intellect" we need to do all that is at hand to prevent this AND help the cat at the same time. My husband is going to trap the cat humanely and in the meantime we will try the enzyme cleaner to clean our windows and citrus peel or bumpy plastc runners under our windows. Am I "tree hugger"? No, I believe human life does trump animals always, but i also know the ONE who created all things and love Him and know that we are to be good stewards of all that He has given us. "We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves" Now shooting your neighbors cat or poisoning it is not the way. There are other ways if you will use wisdom and a little kindness. Believe me I am very frustrated with our situation but I am more upset with the neighbor who mindlessly has no care for "the life of his beast". These animals do NOT have a good life. They are subject to the elements,wild animals and humans who just do not care and will kill them at the drop of a hat. What a wicked,wicked world we abide in. Please do not add to that wickedness by acting wickedly in killing these animals that God himself has given man dominion over.The answer is there just find it by using your intellect that the Good lord gave you. Try died citrus peel or habanera peppers dried ,use enzymatic cleaner on areas that have been sprayed (Petsmart) & ut down plastic runners(bumpy side up) where the cats are tracking in you garden or around doors etc. There are ways. Please find them. Humanely trap the animal and take it to you local rescue. Tlak to your neighbors (nicely) and if that bids no results then trap the cat(s) and take them to a rescue. Remember, it is cruel to leave a cat outdoors all the time or to ust let it go when you do not want it any more. There are other ways!!God Bless AB

    • profile image

      Rebecca 5 years ago

      I think it is ridiculous and unfair that the humane society does not do anything about cats in peoples yards! I think it is high time they acknowledge that if a leash law applies to a dog it should apply to a cat as well!!! My neighbors pregnant cat scratched me when I tried to shoo it off our porch and I spent the whole night in the emergency room!!! (I am EXTREMELY allergic to cats). When I told my neighbor they said we should invest in sprinklers or something. That WE SHOULD!!! What is wrong with people??? I called the humane society and complained that the cat is on our property all the time and I've tried everything to keep it away - all the sprays and noise makers etc. They said that there is no leash law in sc against cats so they won't do anything. They said we're not even allowed to cage it and bring it in because it is someones pet. What is wrong with our country that someones "pet" is more valuable that a human being!!

    • profile image

      Anniejean 5 years ago

      I put moth balls in my flowerbed to keep the rabbits from eating the ground cover....they stay dead rabbits, cats, dogs or kids.

    • profile image

      mike 5 years ago

      I too am having the same problem as most of you but i have an in-between solution. Its non-toxic, doesn't kill but stings a little. Many people use chicken wire(which can tear up their paws), others use electric fences(wet cat electrocution), thorny bushes(cuts, masdive bleeding, infection), but what about air soft guns?

      DON'T FLIP OUT YET PETA PEOPLE! they fire, by way of light spring or gas pressure, either plastic ammo or paint. It wont permanently hurt them but it gets the point across in a hurry. Ive used air soft guns before and can vouch for their inability to kill or maim, just don't aim for the eyes.

      Its a feline friendly solution that gets rids of the problem without killing any cats.

    • profile image

      miriam 5 years ago

      We have forgotten one thing, we do not own this planet and are not the only inhabitants of it, lets be a little bit more tolerant, its hard enough to be on the street trying to survive on a daily basis hungry and thirsty. TAKE PRECAUTIONS but please, lets honor what we are humans and be a bit more humane, feed them give them water and you will feel a lot better at the end of the day.

    • profile image

      PETA 5 years ago

      i just shoot em

    • profile image

      Katie 5 years ago

      Lol to all the ignorant people whining about cruely to animals, especially the one claiming that children are sometimes nuisances, I would like to ask what you 'people' do with mice, rodents, and insects when they invade your yard, home, and living space. what's cruel is the pound and animal shelter refusing to come get them and leaving it to us to kill them however we see fit. Stray cats are just as nasty as mice, they are dangerous, and they spread disease. If it comes down to my kid or the cat, the cat has to go.

    • profile image

      morrie 6 years ago

      I don't know what the proper way to deal with my cat problem is BUT I know what to do with a mouse or rat problem when I am having to deal with them . Both my kids had a mouse and a rat at one time and that was ok but if they got loose the woman may have to whack them with anything she could get her hands on and that was understood. Today when I went outside to see what my dog had dug from the flower bed it was a juice cat log and she was having her way with it bit by bit until I hollered. this dog is my grandchildren's favourite cuddle toy and every now and then likes to return some of those kisses. Before this episode of cat explosion there was nothing for my buddy to eat in the flower bed and nothing in the sand box. I am not so sure that this is the case now. In the future I think that the cats will have the same rules that the mice ,rats ,moles,and squirrel's live by. Stay in your dwelling mess in your own bed and nothing will rain down on you. THE LITTLE DOG GOES POTTY IN THE SAME PLACE EVERY DAY. BY the garbage can in the back yard. We trained our dog. Responsible pet owners is the answer everything else should be considered a rodent. Thats that

    • profile image

      Steven Kilpatrick 6 years ago

      I don't get you people AT ALL!! You need to call Animal Control and hold these cat owner ACCOUNTABLE.

      Check with your city shelter for their regulations and don't stop until you find it. For instance, in Sacramento, CA, we have City Code Title 9, Chapter 9.44, Article III, which stipulates:

      "No owner of a domestic cat shall permit the cat to damage another person's property, or scratch, claw or bit a human or other person's pet...[or the cat] shall be impounded."

      Badda bing badda boong. Animal Control has to come out based on that and the owner of the cat(s) will be forced to comply.

      As for stray cats, please use humane methods of keeping them out of your yard. Do not use moth balls because they eat them and will die a slow,painful death. It would be better to put pepper products around the immediate perimeter and also ON TOP OF YOUR FENCE!! RUB IT IN!!

      You should also buy a humane trap and trap them ONE BY ONE until they are all gone. Your city might be able to come and pick them up so you don't have to drive them in.

    • profile image

      done with it 6 years ago

      I am glad I found this site.. thanks for the info.

      I have had it with stray cats in my neighborhood.

      I have had to replace porch furniture cushions several times and I can't even step out on my deck because of the smell. Try having a cookout with the neighbors with that smell coming from under your deck.

      If you own a cat, then keep the damn thing under control and don't let it run the neighborhood pissing in everyone

      else's yard. Apperantly you don't care about your cat or you wouldn't let it destroy your neighbors property.

      If it dies it dies. Moth balls, I'll buy a hundred bags tomorrow. Thank you for the info.

    • profile image

      annoyed 6 years ago

      I have had cats for the last twenty five years. INDOOR CATS!!! That is where they should be. The neighbor across the street moved in and is renting the house from her dad. No problem with his cat when he lived there, he kept it inside.The daughter works at an animal shelter and lets hers roam everywhere 24/7!!! I have let a note for them, other neighbors have spoken to them, I have spoken to the humane society animal control, I have to fill out a complaint form or rent a trap from them. I shouldn't have to be inconvenienced!!! Their cats are driving my cats and myself crazy!!!! I have tried orange peels and cayenne pepper, no luck. Code enforcement will come out for overgrown weeds but not for animals destroying plants and defecating... go figure!!!I just planted a front garden this summer and I don't think the plants are going to have a chance. Who is going to reimburse me for all the perennials??? Those two cats are even outside when it has been minus 5 outside. There needs to be a law that is enforceable. I will try talking to them or making a fake anonymous complaint form. I will exhaust all options first but if moth balls work that will be my last resort, which i hope it doesn't come to that.

    • profile image

      KarDu 6 years ago

      I am an animal lover and have been a cat owner all of my life. I am sick and tired of hearing cat owners talk about how cats are predators and it's only natural for them to want to roam outside and that they need to have the freedom to wander the neighbourhood. They think the suggestion of keeping their cat in the house or on a leash when it is outside is silly. To them I say, grow up and become a RESPONSIBLE cat owner!! Your cat does not have the right to roam the neighbourhood and crap on your neighbour's lawn or tear up their garden. Give your head a shake!! Seriously!! I have a 10 year old INDOOR cat. He has always been an indoor cat but whenever he does go outside, I tie him on a long leash with a harness so he has plenty of space to roam but he cannot wander off my property and onto my neighbour's. I also ensure that I only put him on the leash when I am home so I can keep an eye on him so he doesn't get tangled and possibly choke. If you ask any vet, indoor cats are overall healthier, happier and live a longer life than cats who are allowed to roam. If you really love your cat do what I do, let him outside on a leash with a harness. He won't get into anything that could harm him (toxins), he hopefully won't come into contact with other animal feces, and he won't get hit by car which happens alot to roaming cats - it happened to two of mine. Taking these steps to ensure your cat is safe and happy, while keeping your neighbours from rightfully getting angry with you is simply COMMON SENSE and COMMON COURTESY, something that a lot of people obviously lack these days. For those people who are sick of cats crapping on their property and damaging their gardens, contact your local Animal Control authority and find out what is written in the by-law about animals running loose. Most municipalities have by-laws against dogs and cats roaming off their owner's property and you may be able to have a nice fine imposed on your lazy cat-owner neighbour. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

    • profile image

      Rachael 6 years ago

      What is the world coming to? I am, and always will be, an animal lover. That being said, the neighbourhood cats are driving me insane! I read all these posts and for a sec even considered the mothballs. I want the cats stopped...for good! I couldn't stand to see them suffering though, no matter how much I hate and despise them. Cat owners should have to comply with similar rules and regulations as dog owners. All the talk of buying expensive deterents and repellents is ridiculous! It should be up to the cat owners to confine their cat within their own yards, not me to keep them out. Build a cat-proof fence, lets see you shell out the big $$'s. To the stupid person who compared a cat to a deer or bird...wake up to yourself! Who owns the deer and birds? I have never heard anything so absurd in my life! Your pets are your problem and if you leave others to deal with them, don't complain when you don't like the result!!

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      Keep your cats in your house. If they come on my property they will be terminated

    • profile image

      Natalie 6 years ago

      I recently moved into ana apartment.The day I moved in several cats were outside. I did not realize at the time they were stray cats.I thought they belonged to someone.I can't go on my patio because they are laying on the patio and will try and come inside.The day I moved in, they ran in my home.When I come in from work they are laying in front of my door.Someone is also dumping bags of cat food on the side of my apartment.I have contacted management,they gave the lady a lease violation. She is still dumping the cat food.I have contacted animal control they cannot trap them until the heat breaks.In the mean time I am terrified of them.I can't even use my storage outside it smells like cat liter.Oh by the way the lady that is feeding them will not feed them by her apartment just mine.I have A labador,they jumped her. They are not scared of my big dog.So for all of you cat lovers out there,WHAT DO YOU SUGGEST? The cats will have to go one way or another...

    • profile image

      Natalie 6 years ago

      I liv

    • profile image

      di 6 years ago

      I did not read all of these but since it came up in my search I will add this. I found out today that my neighbout use this silly advice of pepper in his dirt but used loose pepper. For 6 months now all the cats I see seem to be sick. Sneezing and runny noses and now (OH ferals around here) I have 2 that are about a year old that cannot breathe and vet says they have asthma (sp) betting its the pepper duh. DO NOT USE TABLE PEPPER PLEASE UNLESS YOU LIKE KILLING FAMILIES. CATS ARE FERAL BECAUSE OF DUMB PEOPLE THAT TURN THEM OUT AFTER THAT CUTE LITTLE KITTY GROWS UP.

    • profile image

      Felice 6 years ago

      I was putting down weed killer on my patio and my neighbour said "I hope that's not dangerous to cats" what a cheek. Her garden is fragrant, lovely and cat pee and poop free while mine is fast becoming a toilet for every cat around. I have tried all the so called friendly deterrents and nothing works. Has anyone heard of cats being afraid of mirrors....if so I will fill the garden with them.

    • profile image

      I-need-2-breathe!!! 6 years ago

      Stupid cat pee!!! If owners cannot keep their cats from peeing in someone else's yard, they shouldn't have any cats at all. My kids play in the yard but the horrible smell of cat pee lingers all around. It's unbearable and the neighbors just watch their cat pee everywhere, so inconsiderate!!!

    • profile image

      yard lover 6 years ago

      Dogs use to roam free now I keep my dogs in a fence or on a runner...Cats should be keep in there own yard by anyway the owner can.

    • profile image

      Brent 6 years ago

      Mothballs are great! If a cat dies, so be it.

    • profile image

      chemgirl 6 years ago

      I am utterly disgusted by the people who would posion or kill these cats. This is exactly what is wrong with society today. If the cats were well taken care of, and indoors only, then this would solve all the problems; however, irresponsible humans make this impractical. The cats are doing what come naturally to them. If humans weren't so selfish,and irresponsible, in the first place, then the cats wouldn't be outside (owned or stray). This is a problem caused by HUMANS put upon the cats (and they suffer), and NOT a problems caused by the cats. It is no wonder that society has degraded as far as it has. Humans have become irresponsible, indignant, selfish, greedy, apethetic, God-less and apparently brainless. I hope God punishes each of you that has purposely hurt His animals.

    • profile image

      Cat-as-trophy 6 years ago

      Hannah's suggestion to "Hit 'em in the pocketbook" is brilliant. Certainly in the entrepreneurial spirit of the American way! Best remedy I have found, Hannah. Get a Have-a-Heart live trap, take the critter to the animal shelter and leave the owner's name, address and phone number! Ingenious!

    • profile image

      BIRDIE 6 years ago

      You wanna talk about nature? house cats are feral pests that aren't even native creatures to the US!! They have no place in outdoor nature!! They are destructive,filthy things that should NEVER be let outside. They wreak havoc on the natural,native, animals,birds,and plant life that does belong outside!! BRING ON THE MOTHBALLS!!!!

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      you people who want to do harm to animals are all crazy! I understand that maybe it can be annoying to you if your yard gets ruined or if the animal is irritating but you can't just go killing things that get to you! I don't like it when birds shit on my car but I don't go killing them! I don't like it when the deer from the woods wander into my yard and eat my garden but again I'm not gonna go and kill them. If you really don't want nature in your yard then put up a fence otherwise anything can roam in. We're so quick to destroy anything that upsets us or isn't to our liking, no wonder why the world is the way it is. Look at what people have done to animals, we've moved in and taken away their land to build houses and bussinesses, we've polluted the earth with our oil spills and nuclear power plants and made them sick! Everyone and every animal shits, your shit being pumped out of the ground I'm sure is a nuissance too!

      One more thing to think about, there are cats in our neiborhood and before they were around we had a horrible mouse problem and since then it has stopped. I'd rather have some cat poop outside than the disgusting mouse feeces I found inside!

    • profile image

      KP 6 years ago

      Any comments on how any of these remedies will affect dogs? I am all about putting out whatever it takes to keep cats out of my yard, same as other people have mentioned, I can't even sit on my own deck! However, I do have a dog that I want to keep safe from these remedies. I've heard from different pet stores with commercial products that some work and others don't. I'm at a loss as well!

    • profile image

      If you don't want your cats to die from my mothballs 7 years ago

      Then I suggest you do what you need to to keep them out of my yard.


    • profile image

      Sam 7 years ago

      I live in Australia.I did quite a bit of research into bird attracting native plants for my garden. I selected a variety and installed a bird bath. For a couple years the native birds were happily flitting in and out of the bushes and drinking and bathing in the bird bath. Also small lizards had begun to inhabit the garden. Unfortunately a few months ago my neighbor, two doors away, acquired a cat. Very soon on several occasions I noticed the cat hiding under a bush beside my bird bath and it was not long before I found, on different occasions,two dismembered dead native birds on my lawn and later found a couple of chewed up dead lizards. Soon cats were fighting outside my back door and making a mess. I am now spending money on various brands of cat repellent in order to keep the cats out of my yard, but I fear the damage has been done for I have not seen any birds in the garden for some weeks. A comment from my neighbor tells me that she it does not matter to her that her cat is killing the birds. To all the irresponsible cat owners out there who allow their cats to roam and who have no consideration for the native wildlife or for the people who do not want their yard fouled by your animals, please, if you are capable have some consideration for others. Selfishness is not an admirable quality.

    • profile image

      cats out 7 years ago

      Dogs and cat owners should keep their animals on Their own property!! I am sick and tired of cleaning cat urin and shit from in my wifes flower gardens!! It REEEEKSS!!! I am looking for something that repells these cats that WORKS since I can't shoot them in the city.I'm not going to waist my time with live traps and phone calls or driving the cat some where in a live trap. I come from the country and let me tell you....I wouldn't have this problem for long ;) it seems to me the mothballs will work the best for the least money out of my pocket to keep these bloody cats out. I know what you people are going through when you have to garden in and smell this cascade of cat waste! out with the cats

    • profile image

      Frustrated 7 years ago

      Our backyard is supposed to be our haven, now it's become a campground for at least five different cats and now a baby litter. We know some are strays but some feral. We have poop all over our yard and my husband is severly allergic to these animals. we were researching ways to get rid of this problem without harm. Yesterday, there was a dead cat on side of our yard (it had been there for probably a week) on a side we don't go to but our neighbor told us, it was disgusting to have to get rid of something that's not ours.

      Bottom line, we pay mortgage and it's our property. We chose not to have pets..can't walk barefooted in our own yard because there are many diseases from cat feces. We will try all the nontoxic stuff but hope it you animal lovers, you should start a task force and have different locations. You can pick up these creatures from us and move them into your home....

    • profile image

      mar 7 years ago

      When your kids come in the house with CAT poop all over them- thats enough... They use our front yard for their poop box- I have three young xchildren that loves to play outside. Its a real shame when we can not enjoy our own yard because people cannot control their pets! Then my daughter is allergic to cats and they sleep on our furniture on our porch. Talk about gross!!!! She can't even go out on the porch with us because she breaks out in hives and can't breathe. The small alone makes us sick. If I wanted to clean up after a animal- I would get my own!

    • profile image

      Hannah 7 years ago

      Has anyone considered suing the cat owners? I think I would consider documenting as many nuisance occurances as possible. There are laws against the activities of others disturbing the sanctity of ones home. I would never poison an animal and condemn it to a slow and painful death. I once took a nuisance dog to the local shelter and gave them the owners name and phone number. The owner had to drive to another city to retrieve his dog, pay a fine, get a dog license and have it treated by a veterinarian for kennel cough. I never saw it running loose again. People take notice when you hit them in the pocket book. Certainly a better solution to attack the true cause of the problem, the owners. The cats are just doing what cats do. It is time for counties and states to include cats in there leash law statutes. Cats should not roam free.

    • profile image

      Moon 7 years ago

      I've tried the cedar moth balls; bleach/water; vinegar/water; squirting with water; urine gone; "keep away" sprays and granules; throwing poppers at them; and I can't think of what else. I love cats ... mine stays in the house! Keep your freakin' cats in the house!!! No one should have to go out of pocket to take care of your "beloved" animal, that you choose not to take care of. Joan, Andy, Be Kind, and others of your mentality . . . Yes! You can put a cat on a leash with a harness! Yes! You can keep your cats in the house! I have also called animal control, SPCA, etc., and been told that there is "no law" against free-roaming cats and if they're a problem, I can pay to rent or buy a cat trap which they will then gladly come and empty. Cats around my house not only piss on everything they can, and shit in everything they can, but they have scratched several neighbors and sent them to the hospital!!! One for 9 days re: severe cellulitis!!! And then you idiots that want to say "poor kitty...they don't know any better" come along and want people to believe that when all else has failed, to basically just let it all continue??? No . . . about the only thing I haven't tried are the "regular" moth balls, which I will be trying because I'm sick of my yard, house, cars (yes! they climb on my car and piss down my windshield!!!), my motorcycle, the kids toys, my plants and vegetables, all reeking and being covered in cat piss!

    • profile image

      becky 7 years ago

      my neighbor has a female cat that ended up having two male cats over the course of last winter. they are all over my yard, all over my porch, spraying all my indoor plants that i put out every year in the spring and spraying all over my granddaughters outside toys. we have a leash law here but the cats are all over the place. i have spoken to the neighbor several times about this problem and she says she tries to keep them indoors but how do you expect them to when you have a cat door for them to come and go.paying for a new carpet or replacing items they have damaged is not the solution. they will just mess them upo again.i don't feel that i should have to pay out of my pocket to keep them off of my property and off of my porch let alone the hard work to clean up after them and get rid of their odor. not that i feel that i should have to but i am going to try the natural remedies around the house and if that doesn't work...i just may start hauling them off.

    • profile image

      Buzz 7 years ago

      Some people are feeding stray cats that live in the sewer plus other people are letting there house cats out at night to pee and poop all over the not so lucious lawn that is paid for in maintence fee if you complain to the Association they will ask you if you know who is feeding the cats and who owns the cats that are let out in the evening of course this will pit neighbor against neighbor so nothing gets done some ppl have paid a few thousand dollars to beautify there homes and cant enjoy sitting out in beautiful days and evenings we even called animal control they say if the cat is stuck in a tree or in the sewer they will come out otherwise forget it we tried pepper , water and bleach , animal away spray nothing worked i cant open my windows the outside air reaksssssssss i myself once owned 2 cats and never did the go outside you cat owners need to be considerate of your neighbors you want the animals take care of them and remember you let them out they bring back diseases such as deer tick , lyme disease, cat fever from cat scratch how would you feel if your child or grandchild got terribly sick from your cat keep the darn cat inside keep it clean and groomed and don't be so lazy change the litter box cats don't like dirty toilets just as you wouldn't not like peeing or pooping in a stinky dirty tolilet. Wise up and do the right thing and stop the nonsense.

    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      For all you people that want to go around killing these cats,you should be ashamed of yourselves.You always have a choice and they don't know any better. Karma! :)

    • profile image

      Ella 7 years ago

      I get the frustration of people who are at their wits end with cat's poop and piss. But I wouldn't use the toxic moth ball. Cat's safty aside the begger problem is that it's also toxic to you and your kids. You don't want to get poisoned along with those annoying cats, do you?

      I'm going to try citronella oil or cedar moth balls (they are not toxic).

    • profile image

      tired of cats 7 years ago

      Planting catnip gives them digestive problems when they eat it - DON'T plant that as a deterrent or you will have a bigger mess. We have tried everything, have caught some in a trap and taken them to the shelter, have called animal control (they say to trap them). I am for moth balls as we are done with the smell and the mess. If people cared so much about their cats, they would keep them as inside cats and clean up after them themselves. As for the neighbor's dog that craps on our lawn, we have resorted to scooping the crap up with a shovel and depositing it in their driveway.

    • profile image

      steve 7 years ago

      no one here has ever thought of calling animal control or bylaw? if these cats are so annoying.

    • profile image

      FedUp2 7 years ago

      Has anyone thought of Lead

    • profile image

      Candice 7 years ago

      Mix one fourth pure citronella oil to 3 forths water. Put in spray bottle and spray all problem areas outside and inside. Will solve all your problems. I have 15 cats. There is one stray cat that drives them crazy. He sprays their outdoor enclosures, my front and back doors and god knows where else. After years of spray free living I found, thanks to him that I have many cats spraying indoors. The citronella worked like a dream. I love the smell. They hate it. He has stopped spraying outside. Solved the problem.

    • profile image

      READ instructions! 7 years ago

      SHAME on you animal murderer!! Poop in yourself!!

      GM - "contribute to the moth ball companys! I agree with Harry. I will use moth balls and will watch with joy as the cat withers in its own shit. Keep your damn pets at home."

    • profile image

      Be Kind 7 years ago

      Be kind to all pets. Killing them is not the answer. You can't keep cats in a dog fence they climb out. You can't put them on a leash they strugge and slide their heads out of their collars. They're natural outdoor animals just like squirrels and deers. Use pellets and sprays that are safe and non-hazardous. Always read instructions.

    • profile image

      Tony 7 years ago

      To all you people that preach this animal rights BS can go around and clean up a neighborhood that has these problems of cat piss and poop! Why should everyone else have to deal with this mess just because people like you think we should love and care for these animals the way that you do. Joan! you're an idiot! How can you even compare a stupid animal to someone kids.

    • profile image

      GM 7 years ago

      contribute to the moth ball companys! I agree with Harry. I will use moth balls and will watch with joy as the cat withers in its own shit. Keep your damn pets at home.

    • profile image

      harrysplanet 7 years ago

      cats are the vain of my ife (well garden anyway) at the moment, i only have a concrete yard , this year i have decided to not bother growing myself any salad or vegetable in pots as they will just be used s a toilet by cats, and who would want to eat that produce. instead i plant just 1 small pot of flowers, and already its been dug up and pooed in twice,

      Joan said "Your precious kids are probably a nuisance to the neighbors at times," , well perhaps but im pretty sure the kids wount be shitting in the neighbours garden for everyone to step in!!!!

    • profile image

      Snickers - PA. 7 years ago

      All stray pets can be annoying! Even worse, the neighbors that walk their pets and LET them "go" in your yard! We have atleast 3 or 4 stray cats that keep using the inside of my front porch as a toilet! now my living room smells awful! I LOVE CATS! But My lanlord charges $100 a month for keeping a pet! If he smells my house he'd think we had a cat! I'm not gonna get charged for a pet I don't have! Obviously its not right to kill them, but any other way to get rid of them would be nice to know!

    • profile image

      Disgusted in CA 7 years ago

      I'm sick of pet owners being irresponsible. Keep your cats in the house or your own yard. I'm so tired of having my yard used as the litter box for the entire neighborhood. My garden is constantly dug up by cats looking for a nice place to poop. I don't like having cat hair all over my nice patio furniture cushions. I am going to buy as many mothballs as it takes to rid the area of wandering cats!

    • profile image

      S_in_AZ 7 years ago

      On that masking tape - Make that wide and double stick...

      Also useful for the edges of countertops or tables inside to train your cat to stay off of some areas...

    • profile image

      S_in_AZ 7 years ago

      There are MANY options other than toxic to other animals to turn to...

      CatScram - Uses sounds humans can't hear to scare cats away.

      StayAway - Uses canned air to startle the cat away...

      Scarecrow sprinklers - motion activated, spray a bit of water in the direction of the motion.

      Additionally - if it's just a vent or window area... consider taking a bit of chicken wire and making - pillow - shape of it. Light and air will pass through - but cats don't want to walk or lay on it.

      If you're dealing with a patio or area with a raised ledge you want to keep them off of - go for WIDE masking tape. Cats don't like things which stick to their feet.

      You don't have to feel trapped or helpless...

      But you also don't have to kill the local animals either.

      -Just sayin.

    • profile image

      Debbie 8 years ago

      My neighbors cats (they have 10) are peeing all around our house and have sprayed our dryer vent. Our downstairs smells so bad and we cannot use our dryer because it smells like cat pee. I have a 4 yr. old with severe allergies to cats...which causes him to asthmas attacks. I cannot believe someone would value a cat more than a human. My child is suffering because of our neighbors negligence and there is nothing I can do! This is crazy. I can't even open the windows to air out the house because the cats have peed everywhere outside. Nothing gets rid of the smell. I have sprayed the entire house with vinegar and water and that did nothing. I set out cups of mothballs (covered with holes) and the cats just peed on them. I don't know what else to do. We are literally trapped because our neighbors are so irresponsible. And yes, I have asked for their assistance. Their response was for me to look online and figure out a way to keep them off my property. So, it's my problem, not theirs. Also, people, understand..the humane society, etc.. will not help. What's a person to do?

    • profile image

      Joan 8 years ago

      I agree that no one wants to smell cat pee or poop, including me, but using moth balls or toxic substances is irresponsible & selfish to say the least. It's NOT OK to poison animals, people. Your precious kids are probably a nuisance to the neighbors at times, but is it OK for them to be poisoned? Use the repellants that will not kill animals or pollute the environment, please. This world is not just for you & your family, Liz & Commie. A child could ingest a moth ball & become fatally ill, as well.

    • profile image

      LENA 8 years ago

      there is a neighborhood grocery store across the street from my house and they feed them. they don't have to worry about the mess of cat poo, they have a parking lot made of asphalt so that leaves the rest of us to deal with the mess, i feel like the lady that said i am going to to do everything i can (short of poison) to get rid if them. they get on my porch at night and almost every morning i have to clean the window in my storm door. they just pee on it. I AM FED-UP

    • profile image

      Connie 8 years ago

      i agree with Liz. my basement is starting to smell from the cats peeing outside the window, there is poop everywhere in my yard. i have 3 young kids that play in MY YARD. it is very selfish of my next door neighbor to let her cat out and think i will pick up after it. your pet is my pest. if you don't take care of it you can not blame me for doing it. i have my kids to protect from your cat's diseased feces. stop blaming us and start taking care of your animals.

    • profile image

      LIZ 8 years ago

      I plan on using moth balls, citronella ,vinegar, red pepper, cayenne pepper - whatever it takes to get these "animals" from peeing & pooping under & around my house ! Me, my husband & 2 young children have been breathing cat pee smell for the past two weeks. I have had enough - I am at my wits end. After finally realizing that the neighboorhood cats are using my yard as a litter box - I am on a mission to rid my home of this smell ! If you have never experienced this way of living - then you can't possibly understand my situation. It STINKS - the smell is nauseating and I can not wait for the SPCA to decide wheather or not these ANIMALS area a problem. Is me or the cats ... I choose the cats !

    • profile image

      willow80 8 years ago

      DO NOT USE REGULAR MOTH BALLS TO KEEP CATS OUT OF GARDENS!!! I'm honestly not sure about the nontoxic brand, but from experience I know that regular moth balls left in a garden or anywhere outside of the home will kill a domestic animal. My parents' neighbors thought putting moth balls all around the outside of their home would keep skunks away....unfortunately by doing so, they ended up killing some stray cats in the neighborhood and one of ours. My mother found her cat dead along the side of their house, I was there. We noticed a VERY strong odor and upon looking I found tons of little moth balls. We ended up catching 2 cats that were still alive and they could barely walk. Just by enhaling the fumes from the moth balls they became very sick. We took them to the vet where they told us that they would have to be put down. Their kidneys weren't functioning properly and the ones that died had died a slow and painful death. This was one of the most heartbreaking things that I had ever seen. After getting back home, we found 2 more cats that were still alive, well barely......6 cats had to die because these people were too ignorant to do research. I took it upon myself to go on their property with a bag and gloves to get all of the moth balls. I filled up half a plastic bag with them. So please, people, research, read labels, and think before using any chemicals around your pets (or your neighbor's beloved pet)