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Catahoula Leopard Dog

Updated on April 16, 2014


When a dog is closer than normal to its owner it means a supernatural sign.

Catahoula Leopard Dog - Absolute

The Leopard dog


The origin of catahoula lost in legends, but like dogs have long been known in the southeastern U.S., a country which is attributed to race. The race is certainly a line of work, although more obstinate and more aggressive than many of their relatives pastors, but their ancestors are still a mystery. It is speculatedto be partly descended from the dogs of war brought mastiff type for this region by Spanish explorers. It is reported that the Spaniard Hernando de Soto cruelly taught these dogs to attack Indians, and then abandoned them to be cared for by their victims. These dogs are bred with sheep dogs of both European and Indian origin might have been the root of this race. It could also have been inoculated a "drop" of blood hounds. Thus, the race would "detect" in both trees and trails though the side is predominantly grazing. Many historians still show dogs rank as the cur catahoula breed (mutt) (courses form a distinct group of American dogs). Henri De Tonti, in 1686, said he saw dogs and spotted with white eyes during his explorations. Jim Bowie was a pair of Catahoula, or "Cats"? As they often called them in mid-1800. The breed name comes from Catahoula Parish (and means beautiful and clear waters), a marshy region in northwestern Louisiana, where (at the time) children went to school by boat instead of bus. These people made a living by fishing, with crafts, and dealing with a bunch of wild pigs to bring them back to the forests. These pigs were wild and rebellious, lived on fruit and did not see humans not to be rounded up during the year. Particularly pigs were almost impossible to drive. They turned against the majority of dogs and fought instead of running. The "Cats" were essential to gather and round up the pigs and their herding techniques were described by veterinary H. Ellen Whiteley in a famous article.
Good dogs had recovered their weight in gold. In the past, the Catahoula were often not sold due to the Bible verse in Deuteronomy saying, Thou shalt not bring ... the price of a dog into the house of the Lord your God ... The catahoula modern has been adapted for both cattle and for the wild boar, but he is still the best to take the bushes semi-savages cattle and drive them to the meek and the milking barn. He is aggressive and is firmly in the heel, a characteristic that is required to work with wild specimens, but without scaring or injuring any animal in the pen. A creator referred to them as? Walking sledgehammer. He is also valued for their skills in sniffing the air and find the cattle when they are dispersed or heavy caches. In 1979, the dog was named catahoula dog of Louisiana.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog is a medium to wide, well-muscled but sleek and athletic. The construction reveals hardiness, agility and great endurance. His appearance shows a canine athlete self-confident and well balanced.
TEMPERAMENT - Agile, faithful and intelligent. The Catahoula use their deep barking like a big advantage as guard dogs. The breed is very dear, yet sensitive to the wishes of the owner. They are affectionate and protective of their families, but often inhospitable to visitors. A cat owner describes it as "strong, made of whipcord and leather", but gentle with his other dog, though it is perpetually the "pack leader".
UTILIZATION - Grazing and guard. It is very primitive and wild dogs that have been adapted over the years by American farmers. Possessed of a strong and powerful bark, the Catahoula Leopard Dog is a good option for those who need a guard dog.
SKIN - scars of honor, because of the Catahoula is a working dog, should not be penalized.
COAT - short or medium length hair.
COLOR - although marking leopard predominates any color or color combination is accepted. Uniform color should not be penalized.
HEAD - powerfully built with a top of the skull broad, well developed and firm jaw.
Skull - top of the skull broad, well developed.
Stop - well defined and of moderate length.
Muzzle - Strong and deep almost equal in length to the skull.
Bite - Scissors strong. Level bite is acceptable.
Eyes - can be any color or combination of colors.
Ears - short to medium length, double doors, with the fold at or slightly below the top of the skull. The preference of the ears must be properly carried the front edge lying close to head.
Neck - strong and of good length.
SIZE - average ranging from 22,05 to 55,12 lb.

Absolute Dog Pics

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Catahoula working cows

Leopard Dog in action


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