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Cats: Is it wisdom or perhaps feline superiority complex?

Updated on April 18, 2008

Your majesty, welcome to the kingdom!

Persians are definetely affected by the feline superiority complex

Is your cat ruling your house?


Have you ever wondered if cats feel like they are superior to the world and the whole human kind? Has your cat ever acted as being the king of the house and has successfully ruled the whole household?

If we want to really get into a cat's brain and investigate all its sophisticated features there is nothing better than asking the cat itself.

Mr Cat, what do you think of your fellow owners?

'My owners? Well, I adopted them on a rainy day back in 2005. All I did was show up at their patio door and express all my sorrow for getting my fur all wet and asking for help to spare me from another minute under the rain. All I needed was a meow that clearly expressed the distress I was under and a minute later I was in their home eating fancy cat food."

That seems like you got a good deal! Are they still feeding you well?

"Oh yes, they certainly do! I actually have trained them pretty well, I personally walk them to the fridge when my tummy rumbles and within a second the most tender meat cuts enveloped in the most fragrant juices is poured onto my ceramic plate. Sometimes I try to cut them off and almost make them trip as an effort to grab their attention. I also have trained them to change flavor every once in a while by turning up my nose when they start offering me the same food, day after day. You know, it gets quite annoying to eat the same stuff all the time, my taste buds seem to lose that certain "spark" that makes your mouth water."

What about affection, do your owners give you enough?

"Well, when I am in the mood, all I need to do is curl up in their lap and start purring. However, enough is enough, so every once in a while I decide to jump off when I feel they have fulfilled my needs or I give them a little warning bite."

Is your home clean enough? Does it meet your expectations?

"My water bowl could be changed more often. I need really fresh water, I dislike stale water, so to make my owners understand I will sit in front of the water bowl until they get the message. The litter-box could be cleaned a little more often too. I need to remind them by sending out a desperate meow without breathing too much or at worst, leave a little "present" on the bed. We cats are really clean animals, and many owners do not understand how filthy it feels to step on a humid, stinky litter!"

Looks like you got a good deal, do you ever feel like you are the one ruling the house?

"Honestly, humans can learn a lot from us felines. They hardy understand our philosophy of life. They often worry about insignificant things and do not realize that all they need to survive is food, water, sleep and possibly shelter.

My priority is to eat, give me my dish and I will be OK for the next couple of hours or so. Then I nap and wait for the next food session. I think that if humans better understood our priorities they would not think of us any longer as trying to rule."

Pretty decent lifestyle, huh? Perhaps then we must start thinking that felines do not have a feline superiority complex but are rather equipped with a superior wisdom that we humans seem to lack.


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