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Cats Are Such Wonderful Pets

Updated on August 6, 2017

This Cat Seems To Be Deep In Thought

Cats Love Attention

Cats are lovely fur-covered creatures, and they’re very pleasant and so fastidious. They are also such regal creatures, and they absolutely love attention. Sometimes, when they’re being stroked, they purr contentedly. They love lying stretched out in the warm sunshine, and some cats love chasing after rats and mice. They’re so gentle, agile, and so totally delightful, and they really are such wonderful pets.

It's Really Enjoyable To Watch Them

Cats spent 70 % of each day sleeping, and they spent 15 % of each day licking their coats to keep them clean. They have such a calm demeanour, and they also have such a lot of dignity. Sometimes they sit, and stare out in front of them, and it seems as if they’re contemplating life, and it’s really enjoyable to watch them. They have a reamarkable gift of captivating a person’s heart in a matter of seconds.

This Cat Has Such A Cute Way Of Sitting

The Brain Of A Cat

Cats can see a whole lot better than humans at low light levels, and their sense of smell is extremely powerful. Cats also have exceptional hearing. A cat should never be picked up by the scruff of its neck. The brain of a cat is biologically more like a human brain than it is to a dog’s brain. Both cats and humans have identical areas in their brains that are responsible for feelings, and that is just so amazing !

A Cat Peeping Out At The World

Cats Are Sociable

A group of cats is called a clowder, and a female cat is called a molly, while a male cat is called a tom. Young cats are called kittens, of course. Cats do not like cold weather, and they always look for shelter speedily when it starts raining. They prefer sunshiny weather. When indoors, they like to curl up nice and cosily on someone’s lap, or on a warm blanket, a comfortable couch, or even on a sheepskin rug. There is a record of a cat that reached the age of 27 years, and for a cat, that is very old, because cats normally live for about 12 to 15 years.

This Cat Seems Overcome With Curiosity

A Herb Called Catnip

Cats enjoy Catnip tremendously. Catnip, also known as Catmint, is a greenish-grey herb with a strong smell. Cats are attracted to it. It’s a member of the mint family. Fortunately, it is not addictive, and it’s best used once a week. Kittens react to Catnip only when they’re about six months old. Adult cats get so much enjoyment from it.

Cats Are Attracted To Catnip

The Right Diet For Cats

Cats need to drink fresh water every day. They love eating meat, especially liver. They do not have a sweet tooth. You can buy specially packed cat food from any supermarket, or shops that sell pet food. Specially packed cat food is full of the vitamins, minerals, protein, calcium and probiotics that cats need. Here’s a recipe for a delicious cat snack that will warm any cat’s heart : Mix a tin of sardines in oil and a cup of cooked rice. It’s the perfect treat every once in a while.

Adorable Kittens

When kittens are born, their eyes open on day nine. They’re totally dependent on their mother, who watches proudly over them, and licks them clean with her tongue. The kittens become very playful when they’re three weeks old. They’re like little bundles of energy, and they’re so amazingly adorable. They will grab their mother’s tail, and wrestle with her in such a playful manner, and they will also wrestle with each other, and by doing this, they learn some important skills that they’ll need to hunt with once they are fully grown cats.

A Kitten Drinking Milk From Its Mother

Cats Are Special

Cats are just so special and so exceptional. They have a highly developed sixth sense, and they grow very attached to their owners. They really bring such a huge amount of joy into people’s lives. They make people laugh with their antics, and when a cat looks at you imploringly, and lets out a little meow, you cannot help but smile. They are so affectionate too. Cats are one of the most popular and sought-after pets in the world, and you only have to hold a cat in your arms for a couple of minutes to understand why.

Have You Ever Seen Anything More Cute Than This?


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    • Glecerio Tatoy profile image


      8 months ago

      I have two cats and am planning to have more. They're are so therapeutic and cuddly.

      Thanks for sharing, heidi new hubber!

    • heidi new hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      heidi new hubber 

      17 months ago from Port Elizabeth South Africa

      Thanks for your comment. I have dogs and cats and they get along really well.

    • heidi new hubber profile imageAUTHOR

      heidi new hubber 

      17 months ago from Port Elizabeth South Africa

      Phoning a vet and asking advice would be your best option. Hope your puppy recovers soon. You can also try and get advice from a pharmacy.

    • profile image

      Ndukwe Okocha 

      18 months ago

      My puppy of about six months old is not having appetite and its stool contains mucus and strains of blood. Which drugs do I give when there is no vet. Doctor,please.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      18 months ago from Norfolk, England

      Yes, cats are really cute. I love the pictures you posted. I've got a dog, so not a good idea to have a cat around at the moment. Maybe in the future, as I do like cats.


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