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Cats' Hall of Fame

Updated on May 30, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty!

Cat Quotes

"You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps the people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals."- George Miller from How to be Decadant

Black Cats

Black Cat's Trivia Game

This is a fun game about the black cat in Edgar Allen Poe's story. Even today in the United States black cats are less likely to be adopted. This is because of superstitions of long ago that around to this day.

The Cheshire Cat In Alice in Wonderland

"Only a few find the way,some don't recognize it when they do-some-don't ever want to." Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

Cheshire Cat


Ancient Cats

The Romans believed cats to be a symbol of liberty. Mankind has had a high opinion of cats for centuries.

Cats are Fun!

Kitty Antics

Cats' are natural entertainers. They love to show off!! Their comical antics have kept us amazed for centuries Cats have been in literature,fairy tales, newspaper articles, cartoons, television and, movies since different forms of media have been invented. Writer's and creative artists have enjoyed using cats in their works for along time and will continue to do.

Foods Cats Should Avoid

Cats need to avoid some foods for a long life.





It Is Unfortunate But Cat's Are Famous For Some Nasty Deeds!

Cat's mistakenly use children's sandboxes for a liter box. I just recently discovered is a remedy for this unpleasant situation. According to, Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems."One of the worst things you can discover in the backyard is that your cat has (once again) used the kids sandbox as the liter box! Pour vinegar around the sandbox to keep cats away. Reapply about every two months just to be sure."

Puss and Boots a French Fairy Tale

A fairy tale that inspired many more fairy tales and stories and movies. First titled " Le Maistre Chat,ou le Chat Batte," published in 1697. Written by Charles Perraul t a French author.

Krazy Kat First Cat in Newspaper Comics

According to, www.ruling, Krazy Kat, "became the star of the first cat comic strip, sharing funnies stardom with brick-throwing Ignatz Mouse ." Krazy Kat first appeared in The New York Journal in 1910.

Felix The Cat First Television Star

Flex the Cat was our first ever television star. Felix.'s image was used for first television broadcast test in 1928. NBC continued to use Felix's picture; as a test pattern until the late 1930's.

The Cat In The Hat

Dr. Seuss created "The Cat In the Hat," to help primary students learn to read. The story and it's feline teacher is a children's classic.


The musical CAT'S was the second longest running show on Broadway. CAT'S was the fourth longest running show at London's West End. In 1998 a made for T.V. version premiered. Andrew Lloyd Weber produced the music for CAT'S and it won many awards.


Sylvester was an animated cat whose first performance was in 1945. Sylvester stared in "Life With Feathers" by Warner Brothers.

Pink Panther

The famous animated pink panther has appeared in many movies. He provides the introduction to many of the movies. The Pink Panther dances to jazzy theme music produced by Henry Mancini.

The Pink Panther is associated with charities such as The New Zealand Child Cancer foundation He is their mascot.

Morris Television Star and Spokes-Cat

Morris a orange tabby became the first spokes-cat for Purina's 9 Lives Cat food in 1969 .Bob Martwick a professional animal trainer saved Morris Mr. Martwick adopted him from a Chicago animal shelter. Morris was appointed honorary director for Star Kist Foods. Morris co-signed (with his paw print) the National Animal Protection Bill.


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Facebook photo album

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Favorite Cat Quotes Throughout Time


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Amelia Hughes (catandbirdie) on Twitter


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    • satice_j profile image

      satice_j 6 years ago from via the Bronx, NY

      I love cats, and you got kudos from me cause you mentioned my favorite kitty ~ Felix the Cat! I used to watch him after coming home to my Grandma's house in the Bronx from school. He is still so cool! That is why I tagged it funny, because the memory makes me smile. The info on the other cats was eye opening, there where many things I did not know. Thanks for the smile just before bedtime! I will be sure to read more of your hubs! Take care, :)