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Cats Finicky Eaters Like Food One Day and Don't the Next

Updated on February 27, 2013

Cats Like Food One Day and Don't the Next!

After having two sibling cats I discovered a pattern when I began feeding them canned food along with their dry. When shopping I buy an ample amount since I have two cats, and they eat that batch with no problem, the same flavors of course since they are extremely fussy.

I often shop in different supermarkets and the next time I buy them food, the same flavors they won’t touch it. In fact they back away like its poison, even if it’s the same brand (which it always is) and the same flavors.

It makes me wonder if they aren’t smarter than we are smelling something bad in the food, since it’s not the flavor or the brand that has changed. I thought maybe it was a one day occurrence of them being not hungry but I bought another batch of food, same flavor and same brand and they ate it.

So now I believe my cat is smarter than I am and there is literally something wrong with the batch of food they refuse to eat.

Don’t make your cats suffer and think they aren’t hungry because they are smarter than we are. Due to the recurring problems from companies with pet foods we might want to be more aware of our pet’s natural instincts.

Dry cat foods are best stored in bags sealed or use those wide potato chip bag clips to keep them closed. I have read about people having problems of worms getting in their dry cat food make sure to keep it in a cool dry place sealed.

Petco sells the little soft rubber can covers for small cans of canned cat foods, it’s a cheap price to make sure they are covered and kept moist in the refrigerator. Both of my cats eat only half a can divided between the two of them twice a day.

Storage and where you buy your food seems very important today. I try and feed mine a prescription diet food since one of my cats is allergic to grains, and I feed them a dry food made of peas and duck.

Reading about cats in their own habitat makes me wonder why most of these expensive cat foods are putting in fruits and vegetables since a cat in the wild never eats such a diet.

Does anyone know why fruits and vegetables are being added to upper priced cat foods now? Feel free to leave a comment I am curious.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams

Note: It’s hard and tedious, but keep your cats inside they tend to live longer. Spay and Neuter Please!


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Your assumption might be right, and I can maybe understand a starch added like peas, but I have never seen a cat eat apples and blueberries in the wild.

      Your mom's cat could of have, maybe have her shop at a different store for the same brand and see if it makes a difference.

      Thanks for your comment

    • peramore20 profile image

      peramore20 6 years ago from Greensburg, PA

      I would assume, and I stress its only an assumption, that companies are trying to include more nutritious ingredients to pet food as either a sales gimmick or as a way to combat animal obesity. It's very true that animals sense something with food. My mom's cat is guilty of being

      picky with food and now I am wondering if he sensed something.