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Cats, Adopt One Now!

Updated on February 14, 2014

Animal Kind and the House they Provided for their Cats!

Cats Love Silly Games

They Love Silly Games!

Sometimes the most expensive toys don’t entertain our silly cat friends, but here are some games my cats love. Playing in the water bowl is great entertainment, but dragging it out for me to trip on is even more fun.

I have two cats and one I swear is part dog personality wise, he begs to play, follows me everywhere I go, and even has mastered how to wake me up at 4:00 am with little soft kitty mews standing on my chest, all eleven pounds of him.

Here are some inexpensive games my cats love. The female cat loves pink toys and will pick out of a full toy box, only the pink toys. She will go upstairs where there is an open balcony over the living room, and throw heavy toys that will make noise on the way down to hit me sitting below for attention.

There is something about the cabinets in the kitchen which fascinates her and she takes her paw and opens them and lets them bang shut, in fact she will do that to antagonize her brother to come play with her.

Both cats were feral and were going to be put to sleep at a shelter, and Katrin from AnimalKind rescued them, and asked me to keep them to socialize them so they could be adopted out. Needless to say they never left my home, and have become members of the family.

Funny thing about some animal shelters a little scared kitty spitting doesn’t always mean they are not adoptable. A few days in our home she stopped spitting and seeing her little brother interact with us became calm and played along too.

The male cat was social right off, and was going to be put to sleep due to his sister’s behavior, so do help shelters out and rescue a kitty or two, socialize them and support rescues that deserve it.

AnimalKind in Hudson NY, supports and rescues at least one hundred cats at a time and house them in a beautiful two story home with home furnishings letting the majority of the cats run free from their cages to sun or sleep on their couches or windowsills.

Link to AnimalKind

Katrin; the woman that runs Animal Kind works around the clock and has people coming from every area, even out of New York State to adopt her cats and kitties. If you love cats and live within driving distance I am sure your donated help for even one day or one hour a week would be appreciated. It is only about a thirty-five minute ride from the Mass. Border and Albany NY. It’s definitely worthy of an hour or two ride to help such a good cause..

Donations are always welcome. To donate use the address below!

Animal Kind

P.O. Box 902, 721 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534
Phone: 518-822-8643

More Cat Games:

The male cat loves to have me throw his treats, and he jumps up in the air on his hind legs and tries to catch them in his paw like a baseball player would. The cutest thing about that is when he does catch them he closes his paw like a human’s hand, and then puts the treat in his mouth to eat it. He has very human like behavior, and he could play this game for hours. Seeing he likes this game so much I put regular cat food in his treat container so he doesn’t overeat treats.

Another game that gets a bit rough at times and I have to break them up, is fight for the sunbeam. My house is very sunny with a lot of windows, so they move with the sunbeams and lay in them. The female; Sissy especially finds that special beam and Troubles for some reason has to have it. They have two beds in full sunny windows, but at times he can be a bit bossy and fight for a sunbeam on the floor.

I bought a hollow tube toy that has port holes in it, and the male cat hides inside waiting for his sister to walk in to run out and catch her with his paws.Both cats enjoy that toy, but its more his thing.

The next game is chase moths through the window game at night which amuses them for hours since they are house cats...not outdoor cats. Research shows house cats have a longer life, and I believe its true since my last cat lived to 20 years old and was a house cat.

Then we have the ‘make the bed game’ the cats love it when I change the sheets and run under the sheets when putting them on the bed. It is so much fun for them they sleep on top of the duvet until the novelty wears off which could take two days.

I suppose everyone’s cats love cardboard boxes and paper bags like mine do. I keep one box in the house for them to play in.

The cats were never declawed and even though they have scratching posts, they tend to use the pine wood around one door frame, slowly its being sanded down for appearance sake, but we don’t believe in declawing them. I guess no one would if they think about cutting off the tips of their fingers. Most people have the image of declawing as pulling out claws but it is not like that. In fact over in Europe declawing is against the law.

I was a bit surprised when the vet told me male cats were more interactive and social, since I had a female cat before, which seems to be true Troubles is like having a dog, or a little child most of the time.

The last game besides the obvious ones like fetch would be annoying to most but it makes me laugh. If you dare eat on a chair in the living room, he takes his arm and reaches out for the plate wanting some too, even if you give him a piece and he doesn’t like it.

I think the best toys I have found for an inexpensive price is at PETCO..

Just another fun game the cats have made as their own. If anyone else has a cat with a unique game besides the toys stores sells, I would love to hear about them.

Do check out your local rescues and no kill shelters. If there is room in your home for another cat then I'd suggest going to a shelter that euthanizes animals to save a precious pet.

Copyright/All Rights Reserved B. A. Williams


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    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 4 years ago from USA

      Thanks Miz,

      They certainly are a pleasure in my life. One is like my shadow and I would think something was wrong if he wasn't on my lap when I sit down. So glad you're taking rescues in they make wonderful pets. I think they (appreciate) just a feeling I have, I don't see any aloof behavior in my two. Great to hear on the diabetes too, that's a happy diagnosis.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      MizBejabbers 4 years ago

      Hello, wonderful cat person. I’m so glad you’ve allowed the two kitties to socialize and adopt you. I am a cat person, too. I have two cats, a 12-year-old diabetic male, Tas, and a one-year-old ocicat, Cici, that are both rescue animals. In fact, I’ve never had any other kind except for when I adopted a pregnant cat and was overrun with kittens. I think my cats know every trick in your book except the balcony one. We live in a one-story house. Your photo of the beautiful black cat looks like my late part Siamese. He lived to be nearly 20 years old in spite of being allowed to go outside until his last three years. My cats are all house cats now, and Tas is expected to have a long life span despite the diabetes. He gets two insulin shots per day. . I also enjoyed the video of the animal shelter, too. You and your shelter are doing wonderful work!

      I would share this hub if I could figure out how. HP has changed things around again. Voted up ++

    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      It would be fun to hear about other inexpensive cat games, my cats get bored easily.

      Sad to hear about so many abused animals, I always felt the abuser should get the same as they deal out for a penalty by law. Might be extreme but the animals are innocent and vulnerable.

    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      Hello! My local cat shelter is called The Chilliwack Animal Safe Haven Society and they let cats live out their lives there. Only when the cats are terminally ill are they put down. Obviouslty, it is generally full and has foster families for the overflow. I got my cat there. She is old. she was abused and she no longer has any teeth. she still plays games around 12am. The inexpensive kind, like you say. Rolled up yarn, newspaper balls, paper bags, cat nip... Rated up and everything across the board.