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Cat's Meowing in my Dreams

Updated on October 5, 2016

Cats Living With Me Filter Into My Dreams

I have been blessed with two cats that have been forced upon me by my grandchildren when they lost their apartments for one reason or another. The situation with the cats has now invaded my dreams to the point that I see them all the time and their meowing and clawing is always a part of the scenario.

After the cats have arrived my long time friend and dog became timid because of one or the other of them hissed at her over the years. As I sit here writing this she sits beneath my chair hiding under my desk so as not to encounter either of them. That's so sad because she came to me when I lost my husband and my best friend. She has filled that spot for eleven years. I guess it was fate that gave me the cats because Tipper has gone to her reward too.

Tipper in Her Hiding Hole

Jessica the Huntress

First Invasion on Tipper

Jessica is all white with one blue eye and one yellow eye. From the time she entered the household she has been a cat of which to be wary. She has not been declawed and she was scared of her new surroundings. The first thing she would do as she passed you was to hiss and claw at you. She was my granddaughter's pet and it took a long while for Tipper to become used to her. They took a wide walk around each other.

It took years for Jessica to become accustomed to me and since my granddaughter has moved to another state, she depends on me to feed her. She is my wake up alarm. Every morning she comes into my bedroom between 4 and 4:30 a.m. and jumps onto my bed to wake me up. Of course, that means "I'm hungry" and she wants fed.

Her claws don't come out as often as they used to but she is my playful mouser. She hops on her back legs light a jack rabbit but runs the length of the house chasing whatever she is after be it a fly, mouse or a toy enhanced with catnip.

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Persian or Fat Cat

Having Both A Dog and Cats

If my lifestyle ever changed it was by having both a dog and cats. Cats are demanding and boisterous about it. When they want something they will meow, yawl and become increasingly louder trying to get your attention. My mornings with Jessica start with soft purrs in my ear only to become increasingly louder as she moves off and away towards the food bowl.

Tipper: "What Another Cat?"

Then my grandson needed to change residence and couldn't take his cat with him. Enter Persian. Persian is a California Spangler and just beautiful. The only problem is she doesn't cohabitate well. She out and out attacks Tipper with by hissing if she gets too close and clawing at her rear quarters.

Persian gives a soft meow every time you enter the room that she is in. She is only loud when she is having a stomach disorder that comes from preening her fur and she gets hairballs. Miss Fat Cat is forever searching her bowl and demanding food. She will not eat wet food which I am now feeding Jessica but she goes back and forth to her bowl several times a day eating just a few nibbles and going off to sleep again.

I wont say that Persian is lazy because she will chase the ball in the toy if it is nipped. I have seen her push the entire toy around the living room trying to get that ball. Persian's claim to fame is she loves strings. She tries to unlace my son's work shoes and he has given in by taking the strings out and we play with her from time to time.

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A Much Younger Tipper in Her Glory.  This has been her favorite toy for the past 11 years.Jessica investigating my computer as I play bird songs from a nature site.Persian Who is Beautiful and Mostly A Lover.
A Much Younger Tipper in Her Glory.  This has been her favorite toy for the past 11 years.
A Much Younger Tipper in Her Glory. This has been her favorite toy for the past 11 years.
Jessica investigating my computer as I play bird songs from a nature site.
Jessica investigating my computer as I play bird songs from a nature site.
Persian Who is Beautiful and Mostly A Lover.
Persian Who is Beautiful and Mostly A Lover.

Funny Situations

Tipper's reaction to the cats resembles this video exactly. She is almost 50 pounds and takes the long way around the dining room to avoid walking next to the cat.

If I'm taking Tipper to the yard, I have to stand with my back to the cat so that she can walk in front of me past it.

© 2013 Laura L Scotty


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