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Cats That I Have Known

Updated on September 16, 2014
Yoshi, my most beloved feline.
Yoshi, my most beloved feline. | Source

I Love Cats Anyway

I love cats--plain and simple. I love them even though they give me extreme allergic reactions. I love them even though they force me to take weekly allergy shots. I love cats even though they can be expensive and vet bills are sky high nowadays. I love cats even though their fur seems to cling to my sofa and my black pants. I love them despite their ruining the edges of my furniture with the sharpening of their claws. I love them despite their moods, their awkward litter box odors, their friskiness, their surliness, their whining in the morning for food, and their playing the piano on my stomach. I love them anyway.

Yoshi resting on a silk bed sheet.
Yoshi resting on a silk bed sheet. | Source

Yoshi--Sickly but Loving

I named Yoshi after a Japanese character on Miami Ink. I bought him on the rebound. I had just lost a loving chihuahua and I felt lonely and lost without a pet. I was driving down a backroad in Cherry Hill, New Jersey when I passed by a pet store. I made a U-turn and headed into the pet shop. I browsed and I saw the most beautiful cat, sort of a Russian Blue. I picked up the cat and he rubbed against my beard and purred. I was hooked.

Yoshi had helped me deal with the loneliness of my marital breakup. By resting on my thighs or playing the piano on my stomach, he seemed to say everything was okay. But there was a cost to having Yoshi as my number one cat. Yoshi was susceptible to urinary blockage and on several occasions Yoshi got very sick and required emergency veterinarian care. The problem got so bad that Yoshi needed to have his privates removed so the surgeon could enlarge the urethra and the urine could flow unobstructed. The final bill was close to two-thousand dollars. I didn't hesitate to pay because I loved Yoshi.

Six years I spent with Yoshi. An opportunity to move to California arose and I took it. But I had to leave Yoshi behind. I left Yoshi with one of the few people that he knows--my ex-wife. I was reluctant, of course. Yoshi had only one owner and my house was the only house he lived in. But my desire to leave was great and so I had to give Yoshi away.

I felt guilty. Yoshi would be living with two other cats and one was a female and the other a male and I knew that wouldn't be easy. I kept tabs on Yoshi and learned that his life transition was in fact a difficult one. But eventually the three cats learned to live with one another. And Yoshi would adapt to a new life without me.

Rudy, named after a character in a movie by the same name.
Rudy, named after a character in a movie by the same name. | Source

What is your favorite cat trait?

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Rudy, the Moody Tonkinese

Rudy is a Tonkinese, which is a mixture of Siamese and Burmese. I received Rudy as a kitten. The first few weeks with Rudy was not fun. Rudy was very needy and whined day and night to either be held or to be fed. Rudy used to climb up my bare legs and leave nail tracks along the way. Thank God, Rudy grew out of kittenhood and eventually grew up and stopped whining.

But as Rudy grew older, he became moodier and more territorial and aggressive. Rudy eventually moved in with my ex-wife and they added another cat. Rudy didn't respond well to this addition but eventually adjusted. However, Rudy changed. Space was a priority for Rudy, especially space near the sliding door with the sunlight shining through. Anyone or any cat who infringed upon this space would get a serious hissing and mouth spray. And the other place that Rudy owns is the bed in the master bedroom. Try to get near that bed and you'll get smacked. Rudy is a good boxer who uses both paws. I know, I got hit on several occasions.

Goldy is the most loving cat I ever met.
Goldy is the most loving cat I ever met. | Source

Healthy Cat Characteristics

  • The eyes are bright and clear
  • The nose is wet and clean (with no discharge)
  • The gums are pink and healthy
  • The body has no lumps or tumors and the fur is free of tics and dandruff
  • No swelling around the legs
  • No swelling around the anus

Goldy is Golden

Goldy was rescued by my ex-wife. Goldy was nearly dead and all skin and bones taking refuge under a tree where she had worked. She got the carrier out of her car and gently nudged Goldy into it. Goldy could hardly walk and needed to be lifted. She did not resist.

Goldy was immediately taken to the veterinarian who prescribed several medications. In a month's time Goldy changed from a weak and dying cat to a cat who was gaining weight and had a personaity. As the months passed, Goldy became more loving. Goldy had a little squeaky voice and greeted you with a barely audible squeak and a wet nose rub.

Goldy lives with Rudy and the two get along mainly because of Goldy. Goldy is careful not to ruffle Rudy's fur and gives him all the space he desires. Goldy is just happy to have a home and food and to be alive.

One beautiful, feral cat
One beautiful, feral cat | Source

The Snowy Cat

The snowy cat is perhaps the most beautiful cat that I have seen. I don't know this white cat's name or its gender but I used to see this cat on a daily basis when I lived in Philadelphia. The cat would always come on my deck--rain, sleet, snow or sunshine. The cat used to come to the deck and sit up on the table. It was a feral cat so it was a bit skittish and didn't trust humans. I used to leave this snowy cat some food and water and take pictures of its beauty out there in nature.

I used to watch the snowy cat chase birds or get chased by other stray cats or get scared off by a skunk or a groundhog that we had since the house was backed up to the woods. But the next day the snowy cat would come back.

I knew that I could never own the snowy cat but I enjoyed its beauty from a distance. I just thanked the snowy cat for stopping by every now and then and being a part of my life, albeit a small part.

The black cat on my white car.
The black cat on my white car. | Source

The Strange Black Cat that Loved Me

I only saw this cat for a period of six months at a house that I worked. I saw the cat whenever I arrived for work and when I would leave from the job. I think the cat loved me for some reason. Maybe I reminded the cat of someone, who knows? I didn't know what gender this cat was or if the cat was feral. But my guess, the strange black cat had a home because it was comfortable around humans.

I liked the cat but was also a bit scared of it. For some reason the cat would jump up on my car. One day it would be on the hood, another day the roof and sometimes the cat would sit on the back of my car. I just loved the way the cat would always wait for me as if the cat could tell time and knew exactly when I was done work.

Then one day I was working in the house and I had the door open and the cat walked right inside and lay at my feet. I had to very sweetly explain to this cat that it is not my house and that I could get in trouble having a cat inside. The cat seemed to undertstand and very casually made its way to the door. Upon leaving, the cat gave me a goodbye meow.

Comparing the Cats

Snowy Cat
The Strange Black Cat
Seldom moody
Always moody
Never moody
Very skittish
Seldom moody
Very playful
Too fat to be too playful
Too skittish to be playful
I was afraid to be playful with this cat
Large appetite, needed food portioning
Large appetite
Normal it seemed
Rarely, only if antagonized
Easily aggressive
Not sure
Not sure and didn't want to find out


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Pets can be very nurturing. They give back the love you give them.

    • profile image

      Irene 3 years ago

      My grandfather had a black cat called himKitty Boy followed my grandfather everywhere the minute my gaprandmother came out and sat in the yard he,d lay on her feet, when my grandfather died he left without a word, dogs are just as understanding as cats they know when your happy or blue

    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 3 years ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Very much. I still think of Yoshi whenever I see a gray cat.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i can see you loved yr 1st cat very much