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Cats or Dogs Which is a better pet for you?

Updated on September 29, 2011
Who is your bundle of joy going to be? Let's find out
Who is your bundle of joy going to be? Let's find out

A cat or a dog? Tough question because we love animals. Not only because they are cute but also because of the warmth and connection that we share with them, isn't it?. All pet owners face this moral dilemma of "Which pet should I get, a cat or a dog?" Here's a very simple yet effective way to find out which is a better pet for you, a cat or a dog. Take a pen and a paper, and answer all the below headings with a Yes or a No. 5 simple questions, 5 simple answers. Read on and find out whether you should have a cat or a dog.

Cats or dogs Q1: Are you an attention seeker?

This is the first and foremost question when it comes to deciding which pet is going to suit your own behavioral and emotional needs. Dogs love to give attention to their owners. They will leap, jump and bark when you come back home from work and give you maximum attention. Cats on the other hand are generally quiet and reserved. You can expect a cat to snuggle at your feat, but don't expect it to jump in joy when you come back home after a long days work.

Dogs are very attached to their owners
Dogs are very attached to their owners

Cats or dogs Q2: Do you need a friend?

As much as I'd hate to say this because I love cats, but the truth is that dogs are really a man's best friend. A cat will be a great pet, but a dog will be a pet and a friend. Simply because a dog will love to be involved in all your activities and will be by your side wherever you go. Cats tend to be aloof at times and are even considered to be very moody. Dogs will stick by you even during worst adversities. I am not trying to say that cats will be selfish, but there is a reason why dogs are labelled as 'loyal pets'.

Dogs are high maintenance
Dogs are high maintenance

Cats or dogs Q3: Are you ready to spend time looking after your pet?

It's a fact that cats are low-maintenance pets. Dogs on the other hand will require frequent grooming and washing. And this is an important question to consider if you have a busy lifestyle because besides the washing and grooming, dogs also like to be taken out for daily walks and play-time in the park or other open areas. All this points to one thing, that dogs will require more of your time on a daily basis.

Dogs love large spaces and the outdoors
Dogs love large spaces and the outdoors

Cats or dogs Q4: Do you have large spaces in and around your home?

Don't we all know how much dogs love to jump around and spend time running from one corner of the house to the other? That's right, dogs love big spaces. On the other hand, cats will adjust even in the most crammed up apartment. No matter how much chaos you have in your house, cats will find a good place to rest and sleep, even if it is on top of your computer monitor.

Cats will generally adapt to most living environments and are generally not as active as dogs
Cats will generally adapt to most living environments and are generally not as active as dogs

Cats or dogs Q5: Do you lead an active lifestyle?

Your lifestyle plays an important role in choosing your pet, ladies and gentlemen. People with passive and lazy lifestyles may prefer to have cats as pets rather than dogs. That's because cats will like to laze around and spend hours on the couch, doing nothing. On the other hand, dogs will pester you till no end to play with them.

End of test

So that was the end of your quick and easy test. If you have answered more Yes' than No's, dogs are your perfect pets. On the other hand, if you've answered No's to most questions, a cat may be the better pet choice for you.


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    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Voted up for this hub too! I live with a cat but I love dogs too. I am not allowed to keep one in this apartment though and that is why I have a cat.


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