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Cats vs Dogs - Your Opinion

Updated on August 28, 2012

The debate concerning cats and dogs is one that has been burning bright for a very long time indeed. Both animals have their quirks, behaviours and stereotypes that represent the group as a whole. Whilst some people will find a cat or dog’s certain behaviour as endearing and loveable, others may find it off-putting. So the question is; why is there such a divide between cat and dog lovers?

Cats and dogs are the highest owned companion pets in the U.K. Interestingly a survey conducted by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA) shows that out of 22 million pets there 8 million cats and 8 million dogs, suggesting that the nation is divided when it comes to favouring either a canine or feline.

As human beings we all have very different individual values and opinions on what we find loveable and endearing. Some of us want to own a pet for constant company and so may find ourselves favouring dogs. Many people argue that a dog is always happy to see you and that owning one is like having a loyal, ever-loving best friend who will do anything for you. A dog will always want to be around you and simple things such as playing ‘fetch’ with their favourite ball can give both a dog and its owner great pleasure in the companionship that ensues. It is this unwavering enthusiasm and excitement that dogs have that attracts a lot of people. Not to take anything away from cats, mind, as they do like to play; just only when it suits them.

Whilst the unceasing companionship of a dog can be perfect for others, for some of us the continuous care and attention that a canine needs can be off-putting. Dogs will happily go without a bath or grooming session for years whereas cats are extremely fastidious and wash themselves daily. Not to say that cats don’t need care and attention, rather that they are much more independent. Cats like to have time to themselves and often roam around their local area outside of the household. This independence can lean favourably towards people who aren’t around the house as much due to other commitments such as long working hours.

An often cited difference between cats and dogs is that dogs demonstrate their moods more than cats. It is usually very clear when a dog is happy, excited, scared or angry whilst cats tend to not give too much away. Whether this has any bearing on if a person prefers cats or dogs is hard to judge. What is evident is that both animals have many differing qualities and yet both provide laughter, joy and friendship for millions of people around the world.

There are also the age-old stereotypes that cats are cunning, clever and calculating whilst dogs are dumb, clumsy and obvious. These stereotypes, as with all stereotypes, aren’t true and there are many dogs that are much more intelligent than many cats. The media has, of course, played a huge role in furthering and developing these stereotypes as the ‘smart cat outwits clumsy dog’ narrative makes a great story in all mediums of media; whether that be cartoons, comics, films, books or radio.

The important thing to note is that each and every individual cat and dog is different and unique in their own way. Many cats can behave like dogs and vice versa; it also key to note that many animal owners love both cats and dogs alike (I know I certainly do).

Which animal do you prefer, cats or dogs? Or do you love both equally? Let us know your opinions on the matter in the comments box below.

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    • Lucky Cats profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

      I think the main reason people play the "either or" game is that we have a need to see our own reflection in the eyes and behavior of the companion animal we've chosen. We tend to project our own personality traits onto others whether that 'other' is another human or an animals. There is no and there should be no competition or "one is better than the other" type of attitude...and, attitude is primarily what this argument is all about. Animals can exhibit the spectrum of behaviors, moods, tendencies, preferences, adorable and nuisance like bahaviors....for the most part; ways in which animals act is not confined to nor is it determined by is more a situation of environment "enculturation" by we humans and expectations we place upon the animals. We assume that a particular animal will be a particular way and we encourage that behavior. UP Interesting and Useful.