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Caucasian Shepherd

Updated on September 15, 2011

Caucasian Shepherd

Part 1

I love three dog breeds- Akita, Labrador and Caucasian Shepherd (Russian). Today, I am dedicating my hub to the Caucasian Shepherd. He will introduce himself to you.


Hello, I am a Caucasian Shepherd. I am also known as Caucasian Ovcharka, Caucasian mountain dog, Kavkazskaya Ovcharka, Caucasian Wolfhound.

My origin

My origin dates back to many centuries and some countries but particularly from Georgia, Armenia and continued to spread through whole Soviet Union (Caucasus Mountain range).

The purpose

I am extremely protective of my owner and I act as a guard all the time. I am one of the most faithful and reliable dog breeds. My breed has always been used as a flock protector. Later, I was also used in wars in Russia and in other countries. I am one of the most popular breeds in Russia and I guard various places like factories, entrepot etc.


I am considered extremely intelligent though aloof at times. I always think before I act when I am asked to perform some task. I am very strong, brave, modest and clever.

The classification

There are broadly 3 categories-

1. Short haired Caucasian Shepherd

2. Medium haired Caucasian Shepherd

3. Long Haired Caucasian Shepherd


I am a watchdog but I need to be trained and controlled properly, I don’t get along with the strangers but I will always protect my owners and their property.

Check out Part 2 for further details about my breed.

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