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Cause of urinary incontinence in male or female dogs

Updated on February 18, 2012

When the dog starts making accidents inside the house, owners would commonly think that the pet has unlearned its housebreaking lessons. Another possible reason for the leakage of urine is urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a serious problem that happens to male and female dogs. Owners of dogs with this condition will certainly be concerned not only because of the constant need to clean the mess created by the dog but also because this serious medical condition will affect the quality of the pet’s life. A dog with urinary incontinence will not be able to control the passing of urine. Urine will leak even of the dog is sleeping. Because the genital area will constantly be wet, skin irritations that develop will be worsened by the constant licking of the dog. The pet’s discomfort can be alleviated by using rubber mats. Washable or disposable pet diapers are now available. Urinary incontinence though can be treated with homeopathic remedies, with invasive surgical procedures or with hormonal replacement therapies. Treatments would naturally depend on the cause of the incontinence and on the condition of the dog. Diagnosing urinary incontinence is best left to the hands of the vet but knowing the causes would be helpful.

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Bladder infection

When the bladder is filled with urine, the dog will feel the need to void. The muscles lining the bladder will then be contracted voluntarily to expel the urine. Infections that irritate the bladder will cause a strong urge to urinate so that the dog will not be able to control the passing of urine.


Urinary incontinence is common in aging dogs. The mess created by the pet can be blamed on senility, dementia and other mental disorders. A dog with Alzheimer’s disease will forget where he is supposed to eliminate. Advancing age would also weaken the muscles that control the flow of urine. The bladder sphincter, similar to a tap, regulates the normal flow of urine. A weakened bladder sphincter will not be able to hold the urine inside the bladder thus the dog will involuntarily pass urine.

Spaying and neutering

The estrogen hormone in female dogs and the testosterone hormone in male dogs maintain the muscle tone of the urethral sphincter. Urethral sphincter functions like a valve that opens to release urine and closes to prevent urine from leaking. The change in hormonal production weakens the urethral sphincter causing urinary incontinence.

Blockage of the urethra

A stone or a tumor that partially blocks the urethra is another cause for the leakage of urine. Urine can be stored in the bladder only up to a certain level. A blockage in the urethra prevents the emptying of the bladder. Urine that is forced out will leak.

Natural Cures for Bladder Control in Dogs


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