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Ceramic Bird Baths and Hanging Bird Baths Add Color to the Patio

Updated on February 12, 2018

Bird Watching

One of the favorite pastimes of literally millions of people around the world is bird watching. While this is popular in nature reserves and parks, many people love to stay right in their own back yard. If this is you, there are many birding accessories you can put in your yard like feeders and houses, but a bird bath is one of the most popular. Many of the traditional bird baths are made of concrete or stone, which can be a little plain in the yard and very heavy to place or transport. A ceramic bird feeder or bird bath can add dramatic color to your yard and is easier to move from place to place.

Ceramic Bird Baths

Ceramic bird baths come in all sorts of shapes and colors. One popular shape is a seashell, you can find these with a stand, usually a slender pole that matches it nicely. The colors that can be found are a stunning blue, many shades of green, and some brighter colors like yellow and orange.

Hanging bird baths are often made of ceramic. The hanging baths are popular because they are very versatile in where they can be hung. You can use a bird stake and put it anywhere in the yard, or you can hang one on your patio or balcony. This is a great way for an apartment dweller to get a piece of the outdoors right there on their window. The ceramic baths can be quite attractive and lightweight enough that hanging one does not require a lot of support. When you do hang a bird feeder, be sure to consider the amount of weight that it will need to support when there is water in the bath, as water will add weight quickly.

Solar Bird Baths

Solar bird baths are a favorite for many. They will usually have a small, built in fountain. The movement of the water in the bath has several advantages. One, it keeps the water cleaner as it circulates, and two, birds are attracted to the sound and sight of the moving water. Finally, it significantly reduces the ability of mosquitoes to breed in the water, which is always a concern but has been heightened with the threat of West Nile virus still active in many parts of the country.

The main advantage of solar fountains is not having to bring electric wiring out to the site of the bath since the fountain functions by a pump powered by a small bank of solar cells. In addition, some solar bird baths will have the solar cells as detachable, so that you can position the bath in the shade, but by having the solar cells out in the sun continually powering the fountain in the light of day.

One of the strengths of ceramic is that it is easy to care for. It's the same material that many pools are lined with, so you know that it will last for years. Clean it occasionally, preferably just with water and a good scrubbing. A pool scrubber can work effectively in a bird bath but use a different one than for your pool. If you do use some type of cleaner, be extremely careful to get it all out of the bath, as cleaners can be toxic to birds if left in the water they will be drinking from.

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    • profile image

      Terri Bruner  7 years ago

      Just love your outdoor article, I am such an outdoor, appreciative of nature, person. I enjoy your articles!

    • myawn profile image

      myawn 8 years ago from Florida

      very nice hub I like the solar birdbath I will look into getting one. I love to watch the birds.