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"Cesar The Great" Takes on the Puppy Mills!!

Updated on August 4, 2017
These helpless, precious babies live their whole lives in tiny cages.
These helpless, precious babies live their whole lives in tiny cages.
Carmel is the "Poster Girl" for puppy mills.  Thank God someone rescued her!!
Carmel is the "Poster Girl" for puppy mills. Thank God someone rescued her!!

Maybe Now People Will Finally Get the Message

Cesar Millan has a one hour special coming up on FRIDAY, May 8th at 9pm E/P and 7pm Mtn-on THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL about the atrocities of puppy mills! A few months ago I wrote an article here on Hubpages entitled "Torturing the Innocent to Make a Buck".


If you are an animal lover, or you know someone who is, you must let them know about this show on National Geographic Channel. If you are a fan of "The Dog Whisperer" and Cesar Millan than you may already know about this upcoming one-hour special, having seen the promos. Thank you God! Finally, Cesar, the mouthpiece for dogs everywhere is going to speak! And, even though Oprah has addressed the issue on several of her shows, even sending Lisa Ling undercover, the publicity on the subject from Cesar will speak volumes for these defenseless animals who are literally tortured and spend every day of their lives locked in cages with no veterinary care and barely enough food or water to keep them alive. All in the name of greed!!! Check out this website but beware, it is hard to look at:

The most important thing that I learned in my research was about Puppy Mills was that if we can STOP EVERYONE WE KNOW FROM PURCHASING PUPPIES FROM PET STORES we can eventually put every single puppy mill owner out of business.

Almost 99% of all puppies sold at pet stores are provided by puppy mills. These days, puppy mill owners have even resorted to SELLING PUPPIES TO BROKERS IN ORDER TO GET AROUND SELLING DIRECTLY TO PETSTORES! BE AWARE! THESE ARE THE SAME PUPPIES FROM THE SAME MILLS.

In case you do not live in a major city such as Los Angeles, San Francisco or New York, than you most likely do not know that it is the LARGE chain of Petstores called "PETLAND" WHO ARE KEEPING THE PUPPY MILL OWNERS IN BUSINESS!! PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM A PET STORE!! Even if they tell you they buy from breeders, they do not! No reputable breeder sells their pups to a petstore. A reputable breeder will want to meet you in person where they can meet you and you can see their operation. A reputable breeder wants to make sure their pup is going to a good home with good people. Whereas, a pet store only cares about your credit card going through.

Puppies purchased from puppy mills are very expensive and are "not" purebred. They may look like a "Shitsu" or a "Dachshund" but years of inbreeding has caused damage. They suffer from skin diseases, skeletal damage and other chronic illnesseses. And, when you try to return your damaged goods, you will find that there are no refunds, for any reason, from your local pet store.

Please.....go to your local ANIMAL SHELTER where 10-20% of the dogs are purebred and just waiting for a home!!

Remember to watch the special one hour episode on PUPPY MILLS on THE DOG WHISPERER ON NAT GEO!! TELL EVERYONE....IT MAY TAKE A VILLAGE BUT WE CAN DO THIS!!!!


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