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Chapter 2 Junior Alligator Hero

Updated on May 9, 2012

Chapter 2 Junior Alligator Hero

Chapter Two

"I have learned my lesson," he sobbed, "I'll never,

never go back again."He was still shaking so when he

finally got home that his mother had to put him to bed.

Poor Junior was heartbroken, "Now nobody will ever

come to see me." Poor little alligator, two great big tears

rolled down his cheeks until they went splash, splash

into the water, and once again day after day was all

the same.

On the outside of that great forest was a large river.

Few people knew it was there because few of them

ever ventured outside of their forest home .but now it

was growing and growing,higher and higher it came,

The angry waves creeping slowly toward the little

animal kingdom. Junior, knowing nothing about this

was still moaning to himself. "If only I had just one

friend I would be satisfied."and his parents could

do nothing to console him.

Finally the angry waves could hold back no longer

and the flood burst into the forest angrily, sweeping

all of the forest dwellers with it .It was too late to get

out of the way and they were caught helplessly in the

flood of water.

They were swept on and on until they were cast into

the swamp to drown.No one could swim because no one

was brave enough to even try it.It seemed that all was lost.

Junior,not being the hardhearted creature they had

pictured ,went from one pitiful animal to another,saying,

"Climb on my back , I will save you ."

Then Mommy and Daddy , seeing that their son would

save the lives of the animals who had shunned him so

long,decided they would help .too. There was not a single

life lost in the flood, thanks to the alligator family.

Each animal family came to them and said,"Bless you, bless

We are so sorry for thinking that you was cruel.Please forgive

us."Needless to say they were all forgiven and everyone was

happy in the forest. As for Junior, you never saw a happier

alligator anywhere. The swamp was turned into a regular

playground .He had all the friends anyone could ever want.

The animal kingdom proclaimed Junior their hero . No one

can say but perhaps to this day he is still the King of the


The End.


We all know that we couldn't trust alligators

but this is a fairy tale and we all know anything

happens in them and usually does.So just

lean back and think only good thoughts now .

The world has enough bad thoughts already.


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    • clara kish@yahoo. profile image

      Clara Kish 5 years ago from Mt. Perry. Ohio

      Hello Suthernshadows, Thank you for your comment I wasn't sure how a child's story would go on here . I really appreciate hearing from you . clara

    • Suthernshadows profile image

      Suthernshadows 5 years ago from Kingwood, Texas

      That was great!!