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Cheap Bird Aviaries, Aviary for All Birds, Small, Medium & Large Bird Cages For Sale

Updated on September 20, 2011

A cheap bird aviary is the ideal bird house for larger birds. The low cost bird aviary allows the birds ample internal space to stretch their wings and exercise their muscles. Bird aviaries ( sometimes spelt avery or averies ) also permit one to one contact with the owner and the bird, forming bonding relationships. A healthy and happy tropical bird, whether an owl a canary, parrot, macaw or another large birds, will be more responsive to their owners.

The inside space of a simple aviary can allow many birds to be homed in a smaller ground space. This is excellent for breeders whom wish to maximise their financial turnover by breeding healthy birds. Larger exotic birds require more space, and the modern designs of bird aviaries have been specifically created with this in mind.

Large Aviaries

This Walk In Finch Aviary has a large internal measurement of 79" in height, 85" width, and 61" in diameter. With the space between the bars at 0.5 inch, this low cost bird aviary is excellent for many of the smaller breeds of birds such as love birds, finches and canaries.

Adding natural branches will permit a more natural environment for the captive birds and the large internal space is more than sufficient for a large amount of birds to be housed adequately.

Other varieties of this make are available for less than $600, clicking on the image will take you through to view the full range and current price lists.

Breeding Cages

Breeding aviaries such as this fantastic Set of Six Breeding Cages allow for a large quantity of birds to be kept in a small area. Each cage is separate and is complete with four feeding bowls, four perches, and its own access door. The cages can easily be stacked on their own specifically designed rack or individually on self made shelves.

These aviaries allow for different breeds to be separated for mating purposes. They can also be used as a bird hospital for injured birds which may need to be separated from the rest of the flock. Adding breeding boxes into these cages will entice birds to mate more proficiently producing countless offspring throughout the year.

Each cage has a removable divider to either make six large cages or twelve smaller cages. The internal dimensions are 24" length, by 16" depth and 16" height with the space between the bars being 0.5cm.

Bird Cages

The market is flooded with a huge amount of bird cages for every type of bird imaginable. Cheap imports from Japan and China have inundated local stores and supermarkets. Many of these cheap or low cost bird cages are not of superior quality and can easily be broken or damaged during normal use. Some of the coatings on the wire of the cage can also contain harmful chemicals which is released into the birds bloodstream once the wire is pecked at.

Many cheaper versions of bird cages tend to be broken quite quickly and are only suitable for a child's pet bird. The mesh is usually not strong enough for long lasting quality. Most standard all American brand bird cages are designed to be robust, rust-proof, and come with guarantees.

This Open Top Bird Avery is a non-toxic open top low cost awesome bird cage. Bar spacing is 1", so it would suit larger birds such as Macaws, African Grays, or even owls or cockatoos. Beautifully designed with an open top for easy access and a play area for exercise for the bird. Complete with five steel feeding bowls and three perches.

The bottom sliding tray makes cleaning of the cage relatively easy and the four casters ensure easy maneuverability.

Please click on the image to see the full range of aviaries on offer at excellent prices.

Warning:Birds are living creatures which require looking after properly. They need attention, exercise and a constant food and water supply. Cruelty to birds is breaking certain laws, as is importing illegal tropical birds. This type of cruelty or illegal importation may result in offenders being incarcerated or fined.


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