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Hamster Cages For Cheap!

Updated on January 19, 2010

Hamsters are one of my favorite creatures, and I know that you probably feel the same way. Of course, I love money almost as much as I love hamsters. Probably one of the biggest expenses when it comes to hamsters is the cages.

Recently I was helping out a friend and fellow hamster enthusiast pick out cage for his hamster out of many different models. This can be a stressful experience if you do not know what you are doing. I confess, before this incident, I had little knowledge on what exactly to do when it comes to choosing hamster cages, and it showed. My friend and I stressed out over what cage would be the best for his brand new hamster (its name is Tibbles).

After a while, we did manage to figure out some things about picking out hamster cages. For one thing, you can get plastic hamster cages for really cheap on the internet. Another thing we figured out is that, simply put, hamsters are not as picky about their cages as us humans are!

Boy, that was a revelation! After a while, we stopped fussing over whether or not the color of the plastic was just right for Tibbles, or whether he needed one tunnel or two.

So if you are not super-worried about the style of cage (and you shouldn't be!), then what should you worry about?

For one thing, make sure the cage is large enough to hold your hamster and give him or her enough room to move around. An exercise wheel is basically a necessity so that your hamster can get enough exercise to stay healthy. So make sure that your cage is big enough to accommodate an exercise wheel. Also make sure that you will have enough room for other necessities, like food and water.

If you want to go the extra mile for your hamster, then buy all means, buy the cage with the most accessories, and bells and whistles and gadgets. I am not saying that you shouldn't buy these types of cages, I am only saying that your hamster is not as picky as you would probably imagine him to be.

You can buy a large hamster cage with fancy gadgets for your hamsters on the internet. You can probably buy a large one on the internet for the same price or cheaper than you can buy a basic hamster cage at the pet store. So if you are insistent on getting only the best living space for your hamster, I recommend that you do so by buying hamster cages online.

Hopefully this information had been helpful to you. I really like hamsters, and I wish you the best for you and yours.


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