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Chicken Diapers - Yes, Diapers for Chickens!

Updated on March 14, 2014
Chicken Diapers!
Chicken Diapers!

Bring Your Chicken Pets Inside the House!

It's a funny thing to think of a chicken wearing a diaper but, as more and more suburbanites are putting up chicken coops in their backyard, chicken diapers are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners with chickens aren't your typical no-nonsense chicken farmer (you know, chickens are producers - either of eggs or meat - and that is that.) Sure, that may be part of the reason for owning chickens for many of these modern day chicken owners, but it's also the fun of having these quirky feathered animals free range around the yard. Depending on the breed, chickens can be plenty friendly - ready to be picked up, held and petted - just like any other family pet. So it makes sense that the thought would pop up about bringing a chicken (or two, three...) into the house to mingle for a bit! And chicken diapers allow for just that to happen.

How to Put a Chicken Diaper on a Chicken

Made in the USA Chicken Diapers!
Made in the USA Chicken Diapers!

All About Chicken Diapers

There are different kinds of chicken diapers available but the best kinds are made from high-quality, thick fabric, have a waterproof lining (this is key for a quick and easy cleanup) and are machine washable. There are even chicken diaper inserts available that go inside the chicken diaper to extend the life of the chicken diaper between washings. However, this can also be accomplished by placing a folded paper towel inside the chicken diaper. Most chicken diapers have a variety of colors and patterns, so there is definitely something for every hen and rooster out there! Most chicken diapers are made in the USA, however there is a new line that are made by women in the Dominican Republic for fair wages. Most chicken diapers seem to retail around the $19.95 range.

How to Measure a Chicken for Chicken Diaper
How to Measure a Chicken for Chicken Diaper

How to Measure a Chicken for a Chicken Diaper

It's easy to measure a chicken to get the right chicken diaper size. Just measure from the base of the neck, across the back and down to the vent. Here's a simple picture that sums up the process:

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Aww, Can't You Just Imagine Reading WITH Your Chicken?

Winner: Cutest Use of a Chicken Diaper
Winner: Cutest Use of a Chicken Diaper

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      Eiddwen 4 years ago from Wales

      Original and voted up. Looking forward to many more now.